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August 19


Essential Oils: Natural Wellness With Aromatherapy

By Harrison Payton

August 19, 2021

Natural Wellness Through Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a form of natural wellness that uses aromas to improve one’s state of mind. You can use it for relaxation, healing, or aromatherapeutic purposes. The term aromatherapy originates from the Greek word “aroma,” meaning fragrance, and “therapy,” which means treatment or remedy. This therapy aims to stimulate your body’s immune system and hormones by using aromas from plant oils and other aromatic materials such as herbs and spices. We’ll dive into some of the basics of essential oils below!

An image of a person holding lavender plants in their hands.
Certain essential oils like lavender can help promote a sense of calm and natural wellness.

What Are Essential Oils? How Do They work?

Essential oils are created from aromatic plants and distillations. These oils contain the plant’s fragrance, flavor, medicinal properties, or healing qualities. When rubbed into the skin or inhaled, aromatherapy creates a calming effect on one’s body by stimulating hormones that create feelings of relaxation and well-being for an individual.

You can use essential oils in four ways: topical application (massage), inhalation (steam), direct ingestion, or aromatic usage (candles). Some essential oil applications involve applying small amounts directly onto the skin in your preferred locations, such as temples, wrists, and neck.) We’ll explain in a bit more detail below.

How To Use Essential Oils For Wellness

As we discussed above, essential oils can be used in four ways: topical application (massage), inhalation (steam), direct ingestion, or aromatic usage (candles).

Topical Application

Massaging aromatics onto the body is a great way to enjoy aromatherapy without taking any risks to your health by inhaling them. This method of use helps stimulate blood circulation and relieve stress from muscles. It also has benefits like easing aches and pains, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc.


When heated, the scent that comes off some essential oils makes for a relaxing experience while simultaneously clearing sinuses and loosening up chest congestion.

Direct Ingestion

You can mix some essential oils into foods like water, smoothies, or soups for their benefits. Similar to CBD consumables, these essential oils can be ingested. However, it is absolutely crucial you read the labels carefully and trust the product you’ve purchased, as some essential oils can be hazardous to ingest.

Aromatic Usage

Candles provide a pleasant smell while simultaneously providing aromatherapeutic relief through inhalation. The light from candles also makes an excellent backdrop when used during meditation or yoga sessions. You can concentrate on your breathing and body sensations while providing a wholesome, natural-looking light source.

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Essential Oil Blends For Different Needs

There are several aromatherapy blends that you can use for different health needs. These ailments include headaches, anxiety, depression, or inflammation.

Headache Relief Blend: This blend is designed to help treat and relieve tension in the head caused by stress and tension.

Anxiety & Depression Relief Oil: These blends are designed to reduce feelings of fear and worry through aromas like lavender, rosemary, and ginger essential oils. The result is a calmer state of mind which promotes mental clarity while reducing fatigue.

Inflammation Prevention Massage Oil: Helps with muscle aches, pain relief, and improved sleep cycles due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Danu Is here To Help You Achieve A State Of Natural Wellness

The world of essential oils can seem overwhelming at first. There are so many types, blends, and uses that it may be challenging to know where to start or what you need. We hope you’ve enjoyed this introductory guide with a few things you need to get started using essential oils in your day-to-day life for wellness and self-care! If you’re interested in learning more about natural wellness, be sure to check all of our blogs here. Be sure not to miss out on Danu‘s selection of broad-spectrum CBD Tinctures in our online CBD store too!

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