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December 24


Green CBD Smoothies You’ll Feel Good About Drinking

By Harrison Payton

December 24, 2020

Keep Your Diet Nutrient Dense

If it’s one thing that the current situation has taught us about staying healthy, it’s that when you are at home all the time it can be hard to make healthy choices about what kinds of foods you are putting into your body. This can be especially true when paired with stress

One of the best ways to support your health and boost your immune system is by eating a nutrient-rich diet filled with fruits and vegetables. That being said, we understand how you may not always be up to fixing elaborate veggie-filled dishes, particularly if you are limiting your trips to the supermarket. We explain below why green smoothies can help you get the nutrients you need with maximum convenience while integrating wellness-encouraging CBD.

An Easy Way To Support Your Body

Smoothies, if made with fresh and whole foods, are an excellent and simple way to support your body’s vital systems and help you feel better overall. Perhaps the best part of regularly drinking smoothies, besides their convenience factor, is that they can constantly be altered. This not only suits your need for a variety of flavors, but also for balancing what nutrients you put into them. We’ll take a look at 2 recipes below that range from light and refreshing to power-providing meal replacers. 

From The Light And Sweet…

Mango Lemon Refresher

This mildly sweet and light smoothie will have you feeling clean and energetic without feeling weighed down. Add high-quality CBD oil for its potentially calming effects to make your day a great one!


1 cup frozen mango slices

½ cup peeled lemon

1 ½ cups fresh spinach

¼ cup chopped cucumber

5 ice cubes

¾ cups water

1 dropper full of high-quality CBD Tincture Oil

Directions: Combine all ingredients into your blender. Run on the highest setting until the contents appear completely smooth. Garnish with a wedge of lemon, lime, or a slice of cucumber. For added flair, top with mint leaves. 

To The Powerful And Filling

Almond Butter Ginger Powerhouse

We all love feeling refreshed after a nice light smoothie, but sometimes you need a smoothie with some oomph. This smoothie provides not only the power and energy you need, but also will keep you full until your next meal. By adding a quality CBD oil, you may even potentially reduce joint or muscle pain if you are working out after drinking this one.


1 ½ tablespoon of smooth almond butter

2 cups of packed fresh spinach

1 cup of pea or almond milk

½ fully ripened banana

¼ frozen mango chunks

¾ teaspoon of freshly chopped ginger

1 dropper full of high-quality CBD Tincture Oil

Directions: Combine all the ingredients in your blender and blend on medium to high speed. You’ll want to avoid the highest speed right off the bat, as it may cause problems blending the almond butter properly. Blend until there are no more visible chunks. Enjoy this one quickly, as it’s best when served fresh. 

Make Your Drinks With CBD That’s A Cut Above

As with the ingredients for your smoothies, you’ll want your CBD organic and trustworthyDanu uses only hemp grown in the USA for our products. We also strive to use as many organic and vegan ingredients as possible in our processes. We invite you to use our CBD Tinctures in your smoothies and to take a look at our entire selection of high-quality CBD products.

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