An image of lemon and mint essential oils.
January 21, 2022

Aromatherapy To Start Your Morning

Start Your Morning Off Right With Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Do you often feel exhausted in the morning? Do you reach for a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up? If so, you’re not alone. Many people rely on caffeine to help them start their day. However, did you know that there are

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An image of a light therapy device and books.
January 18, 2022

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Natural Ways To Help

Fend Off SAD By Natural Means Every year, millions of people are affected by seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. This condition typically manifests during the colder and darker months, when natural sunlight is in a shorter supply. While there are numerous prescription medications available to help ease the symptoms of SAD, many people

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An image of chess pieces.
January 12, 2022

5 Ways To Support Your Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness Supports Your Wellbeing There is a lot of talk these days about intellectual wellness as part of your integrated health. But, what does intellectual wellness mean? Intellectual wellness refers to the state of intellectual vitality and its influences on intellectual activity. It’s essential to nourish your intellectual wellbeing because it can help reduce

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An image of CBD coffee drinks.
January 11, 2022

The Rise In Popularity Of CBD Drinks

What Are CBD Drinks? CBD drinks and CBD-infused drink mixes are becoming a popular way to consume CBD. CBD is now gaining more popularity as people realize the benefits of this naturally occurring cannabinoid and how easy it is to use in their everyday lives. Broad-spectrum CBD drinks and CBD drink mixes are becoming an

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An image of a hemp leaf with CBD oil.
January 6, 2022

CBD Trends To Be Excited About In 2022

What Danu Expects To See In CBD This Year CBD is becoming more popular, and CBD trends are changing. So what can we expect in 2022? CBD safety will be a significant focus as CBD knowledge and acceptance expands across the country. CBD customer diversity is also expanding, as there’s something for nearly everyone. Beauty

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An image of a woman reading a book.
January 4, 2022

4 Natural Wellness Trends In 2022

What Wellness Trends To Look For This Year In a world where health is more important than ever, the natural wellness industry will only continue to grow in 2022. Natural wellness has become increasingly intriguing for many people, with natural products and practices becoming more accessible and affordable. Moreover, with quarantines and stresses related to

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An image of a CBD matcha mocha latte.
January 4, 2022

CBD Matcha Mocha Latte: Benefits Of This Healthy Drink

CBD Matcha Mocha Latte Is Your Go-to Healthy Pick-me-up You love the calming effects of CBD, and you love healthy drinks, so why not combine the two? CBD Matcha Mocha Latte is a delicious and easy-to-make drink that combines healthy, lightly-caffeinated matcha green tea, calming cannabidiol (CBD), and antioxidants from cocoa powder. It’s a wholesome

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An image of a cabinet for storing CBD.
December 31, 2021

Can CBD Expire? How To Store Cannabidiol Properly

Does CBD Have An Expiration Date? There is a decent amount of confusion about CBD and whether or not it expires. CBD can degrade over time, but there are ways to store CBD properly so that degradation doesn’t happen as quickly. This blog post will discuss the significant factors that would cause CBD to degrade

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An image of aromatherapy essential oils.
December 31, 2021

Aromatherapy: How It Affects Your Mind

Aromatherapy And The Mind Aromatherapy is the inhalation of aromas from plant-derived oils. The scents are typically derived from natural sources, such as herbs, flowers, or bark. These aromas promote various health benefits and can be used to treat many ailments. In addition, aromatherapists believe that these aromas can stimulate different parts of your mind

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An up-close image of CBD oil.
December 22, 2021

What Is The Half-life Of CBD In Your Body?

The Half-life Of CBD The half-life of CBD is the time it takes for half of the CBD to be eliminated from your body. This half-life is important because it partially determines how long it will take before the effects begin noticeably wearing off or when you can safely take other medications. If the half-life

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