An Asian Woman Practices Yoga Outdoors With CBD.

February 22


4 Ways CBD And Yoga Are Perfect Together

By Harrison Payton

February 22, 2021

CBD And Yoga — A Match Made In Heaven 

CBD And Yoga may seem like two entirely different subjects when we’re talking about natural paths to wellness or improving your integrated wellness plan. In reality, they are a powerful combination that has the potential to increase your sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and elevate your body to a heightened state of physical health. 

By combining these two, you can make leaps and bounds in progress toward overcoming and dealing with physical and mental stress. What makes these two perfect for each other is that they both provide stress-lowering capabilities, but in different formats. We’ll look at the top 4 ways CBD and yoga are perfect for reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of calm.

Stress Relief

Yoga has long been associated with increasing your focus and decreasing your anxiety levels. For those of us out of practice or just beginning, holding poses and stretching can be a little bit difficult. Especially with some of the more challenging poses involving balance, yoga can be outright tough. These initial struggles however are far outweighed by the stress-relieving benefits of making yoga a regular habit. CBD, a natural terpene derived from the hemp plant, can aid with reducing anxiety while you are practicing your yoga routine. No need to worry about getting that perfect form. With the help of this all-natural cannabinoid, you’ll have a stress-free and focused yoga session.

A Woman Practices Yoga Outdoors.
A Woman Practices Yoga Outdoors.

Physical Benefits

As CBD gains in popularity across the nation, many people are using it to help lower stress and help them feel a renewed sense of calm. What a lot of CBD users don’t know, however, is that the CBD may help act as a powerful anti-inflammatory. CBD does this by influencing your endocannabinoid system’s set of CB1 and CB2 receptors. A common issue many people who practice yoga face is inflammation, which prevents full range of motion. By reducing inflammation with CBD, you may be able to strike new yoga poses you previously imagined to be impossible. 

Sleep Quality

A common problem many Americans face is not getting enough sleep throughout the week. Stress is often a culprit when we’re talking about insomnia and restlessness. CBD may act as a natural sleep aid that can help you gain back your sleep cycles. It’s well known that regular physical activity can also help you fall asleep and stay asleep. When you combine a great yoga session with relaxation-promoting CBD, you’re setting yourself up for a wonderful night’s sleep. 

Mood Enhancement

Yoga is great for improving your mood. There is overwhelming evidence that yoga can help you feel refreshed and in a better state of mind. Part of the yoga experience often involves calming your mind through positive thoughts and imagery. As you stretch and pose, you might feel a wave of positivity wash over you as dopamine is released in your body. Although dopamine may not directly be released when consuming CBD, it may be absorbed better. More dopamine absorption combined with increased dopamine levels from your yoga session means that you are likely to have a better-sustained positive mood throughout your day. 

Quality Matters With Both Yoga And CBD

If you’ve ever done yoga with an instructor who is not taking the class seriously, or you’re not following along well, you know that quality of the session can make a huge difference. Taking your yoga more seriously means you’ll feel happier, healthier, and gain a deeper understanding of your state of wellness. Just as quality matters with yoga, quality matters with the CBD you choose to consume. Danu proudly offers only high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD. Our CBD is sourced only from hemp grown in the USA, is non-GMO, and is THC-free. Learn more about how you can enhance your yoga session with our full line of CBD products here. We recommend our easy-to-consume and tasty CBD Tinctures for your next yoga experience.

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