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November 14


CBD And The Digestive System

By Harrison Payton

November 14, 2020

Does CBD Affect Your Digestive Tract?

With more and more news and research covering what CBD may be able to do for a wide variety of conditions like insomnia, anxiety, depression, and joint pain, many are wondering what other parts of the body CBD could potentially aid. Just how special are these cannabinoid terpenes for your digestive system?

It turns out, pretty special. Increasingly, research is being done on how CBD and its family of hemp oils may be able to help out with diseases like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), and even Crohn’s. Early research suggests there might be some promising results.  

How It Works

As we’ve discussed in some of our previous blogs, and as indicated in industry research, cannabidiol (CBD) has serious potential for relieving inflammatory symptoms. This is exactly why many sports players and athletes have turned to Topicals like CBD Salves and CBD Sports Creams for their joint and tissue recovery and treatment. 

Similar to other vitamins and supplements, CBD shows the potential to help relieve certain ailments, digestion issues being one of those. The primary issue with many major digestive illnesses is inflammation. When your stomach and intestinal tissues are inflamed and irritated, they aren’t performing the way they intended, causing you pain and discomfort in the process. 

There is evidence the
anti-inflammatory properties of CBD extend to the digestive tract because there has been some indication that it can reduce the spasticity of the intestines while simultaneously promoting appetite. Increasing your appetite, as well as potentially reducing cramping may provide relief for many individuals whoDanu role of cannabis in gastrointestinal
struggle with digestion. This is done through the cannabidiol becoming attached to the CB receptors in your intestinal walls. Yes, even your intestines are connected to your body’s endocannabinoid system! 

By being able to eat regularly and having more regulated bowel movements, your digestive system can begin to realign itself in a better state of balance, something our bodies are always attempting to achieve. 

CBD A Potential Help For Digestive Ailments

As is the reason many of us look to use CBD for other ailments, those suffering from digestion issues may also be looking to reduce the impact and number of side effects that other medications and treatments may bring. 

While more research still needs to be completed on CBD in America, anecdotal evidence has shown very few side effects from the consumption of this natural cannabinoid oil. We suggest starting out low and slow with CBD to determine if there may be any potential issues, and also to discover the dosage that works just right for your body. We always recommend speaking with your physician before using CBD as a treatment in order to determine whether there may be any potential issues. It’s also a good idea to check out our blog on understanding how CBD may potentially affect drug tests.

Trusted CBD Products Delivered Right To Your Door

Danu understands how busy all of us can be during the holiday season and how hard it can be to make it outdoors to all the shops you’ve hopped to visit. Now more than ever, it is extremely convenient to buy online, including CBD. We’re extremely confident in the quality and purity of our products and are happy to be able to provide this source of wellness to our customers.

At Danu, we’re all about the elevation of your personal wellness, and we would only ever offer you CBD products if we were convinced of the trustworthiness of our sourcing and quality. Simply put, we’re here to help you feel your best. From CBD Softgels to Tinctures and beyond, Danu has something just right for everyone’s CBD consumption style. We invite you to try out our full range of CBD products in our shop and to see if CBD is the right choice for your digestion issues.

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