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December 14


The Scent Of Resolutions: A New Year With Aromatherapy

By Harrison Payton

December 14, 2021

Essential Oils May Set Your Mind Right For The New Year

It’s that time of year again. It’s the time when so many of us reflect on the past and make plans for the future. The new year is an excellent opportunity to start fresh and set goals or resolutions for yourself, but it can also be overwhelming because there are so many things you want to do in just one year! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could brainstorm your goals without having to spend hours trying to figure out how? Aromatherapy may help with this problem. This ancient practice is a way of using essential oils to achieve wellness holistically. To get started, we’re going to talk about what aromatherapy is and how it can help you set and meet your goals for the new year.

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The right combination of essential oils may put you in the perfect state of mind to set goals for the new year.

The Basics Of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils in order to achieve a state of natural wellness. Essential oils are the volatile essences obtained from plants and can be used aromatically or topically to promote overall wellness. Studies have shown aromatherapy may help with stress relief, insomnia, concentration, and even pain management to a degree.

This form of holistic wellness has been increasingly gaining traction in the United States in recent years, with aromatherapy becoming a more mainstream way to improve overall mental health.

Essential Oils That Help Inspire Hope, Happiness, And Energy

When it comes to aromatherapy and setting resolutions for the new year, there are a few essential oils that can help inspire hope, happiness, and energy. Of course, there are hundreds of different oils that may work best for you, but here are a few of our favorites.

  • Grapefruit Essential Oilthis essential oil is excellent for helping inspire new ideas and energy.
  • Helichrysum Essential Oilhelichrysum has a calming and centering effect. Recommend for those looking to recover and start anew in the next year.
  • Lemon Essential Oil – like grapefruit essential oil, lemon can also help with inspiration and creativity. It’s also great for boosting energy levels.
  • Basil Sweet Essential Oil – used to help those who are feeling down or lacking hope about the new year. This oil is known to reduce negative feelings and loneliness.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil – helps promote feelings of happiness, hope, and optimism, making it a great choice to use when setting resolutions for the new year.

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How Aromatherapy May Help With Your Resolutions And Goal Setting Process

Now that you know a little bit about aromatherapy let’s talk about how you can use this information to help set and meet goals for the new year. First, we recommend setting up your aromatherapy diffuser with a few of your favorite essential oils and those listed above.

When setting resolutions or goals, it’s important to have tangible, achievable steps that will lead you to your ultimate goal. Using aromatherapy may help with imagining and drafting these steps, as the pleasantly scented oils might help focus your mind by promoting concentration, energy, and hope. Remember to set goals for different aspects of your life – not just professional goals! Wellness goals are equally (if not more) important.

Aromatherapy By Danu

Danu hopes this blog post helped inspire some ideas on making resolutions or setting goals using aromatherapy. Whether you’re setting resolutions or long-term plans for the new year, aromatherapy may be a great addition to your wellness routine. Visit our shop here to see all of our aromatherapy offerings!

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