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September 10


Carrier Oils In Essential Oils: Tamanu And Jojoba

By Harrison Payton

September 10, 2021

An Introduction To Carrier Oils In Essential Oils

What can you use as a carrier oil? What is the purpose of carrier oil in essential oils? This blog post will cover what essential oils are safe to use as a carrier oil and give you all the benefits of using essential oils with a carrier oil. Carrier oils absorb into your skin more easily than pure essential oils do. You might find that your skin is smoother and softer after applying them this way. We will also discuss tamanu oil and jojoba oil, two great examples of common carrier oils.

What Are Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are oils that can be added to essential oil recipes and used as a carrier. They’re called “carriers” because they carry the essential oil into your skin, allowing for easier application of essential oils on your body. Carrier oils are vital in using essential oils because essential oils aren’t always safe or mild enough to apply directly onto your skin.

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Carrier oils are necessary for applying many common essential oils.

What Is The Purpose Of A Carrier Oil In Essential Oils?

Carrier oil essential oils are a must-have for anyone interested in aromatherapy, natural wellness, and essential oil recipes. They make it possible to use essential oils safely by diluting them first. This ensures that you don’t have an adverse reaction or cause any harm to yourself or others if something goes awry while using the essential oil blend on its own. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits from essential oils when they’re diluted to the appropriate amount into a carrier oil.

What Is Jojoba Oil And What Are Its Benefits?

Jojoba oil is derived from the jojoba plant. It feels and works like a natural moisturizer for your skin, so it’s great as an essential oil carrier. There are many benefits of using jojoba oil in essential oils such as:

– Treating acne

– Reducing inflammation

– Fighting free radicals that cause effects of aging

– Restoring damaged hair or split ends

Some essential oils can be blended with jojoba to hydrate your skin and keep wrinkles away while providing a relaxing aromatherapy experience. You’ll love this healthy glow and how easy it will be to apply these essential oils to your face every day. A little bit goes a long way… so be sure to follow any instructions or recipes exactly.

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What Is Tamanu Oil And What Are Its Benefits?

Tamanu oil is derived from the tamanu tree. Like jojoba oil, it also works as a natural moisturizer for your skin. There are numerous benefits of using tamanu essential oil, such as:

– Reducing inflammation

– Fighting free radicals that cause signs of aging

Tamanu oil is one of Danu’s favorites because it is clinically proven to be antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. This oil may help treat acne if appropriately added to your skincare routine. It also helps with inflammation while providing you the ability to fight free radicals that cause signs of aging on your skin!

Learn More About Natural Wellness And Essential Oils From Danu

As you can see, carrier oils are an excellent way to supplement your essential oils. When deciding which one is best for your needs, consider the benefits of each oil and its compatibility with your skin type. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your state of natural wellness, be sure to check out our selection of natural wellness products like CBD today!

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