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September 17


3 Ways to Improve: September Is Self-Improvement Month

By Harrison Payton

September 17, 2021

Self-Improvement Month Is Here

September is Self-Improvement Month! This month-long celebration of self-improvement offers an opportunity to try some new things. Maybe you want a better state of integrated health, natural wellness, or mental health? There are many ways that you can improve yourself this month. For example, it might be time to go on a plant-based diet and start exercising more regularly for improved integrated health. For natural wellness, maybe you need more sleep and less stress in your life. And for mental health, perhaps meditation or mindfulness is what’s needed most right now. Whatever it is that will help you take care of yourself better this September – the time to start is now. Join us below as we discuss a few ideas on how to better yourself this month.

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There’s never a better time than now to start improving your state of natural wellness. What will you do for self-improvement month?

Set Integrated Health Goals

“Integrated health” is a somewhat new term in the world of wellness. This encompasses all aspects of your life that are interconnected, including physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. An excellent place to start improving yourself is by setting some integrated health goals this month. Maybe you want to lose weight? Or do some yoga? Perhaps you’d like to learn more about natural remedies or dive into a new plant-based diet. Whatever it is – set a goal or create a new routine so that you have something specific to work towards.

Explore Natural Wellness

Natural wellness is a bit of a broad category, but it generally refers to choosing natural ways to better your physical health. This might include natural remedies, herbal or plant-based medicine, aromatherapy, acupuncture, or massage therapy. Or it could mean getting more restful sleep and taking steps to relieve stress. Explore some of the ways that you can improve integrated health this month by trying out a new natural wellness practice. You may find an activity you truly love!

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Practice Mental Health Care

Perhaps two of the easiest ways to start improving your mental health are by practicing meditation or mindfulness. These practices are simple and easy to do, but they can make a big difference in your mental state. Be sure to check our guides on meditation and mindfulness for beginners. If you haven’t tried either one of these activities before – or even if you haven’t heard much about them – start trying it out this month.

Danu Supports Your Total Natural Wellness

At Danu, our mission is to help provide educational resources on natural wellness as well as offer premium third-party lab-tested CBD products. We want you to feel your best and understand there is no single way to feel better while searching through potential natural paths to wellness. We’re happy to be a part of your journey to a better state of health and are excited you’re taking steps in an exciting new direction.

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