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January 31


5 Ways Naturopaths May Be Able To Help With Mental Health

By Harrison Payton

January 31, 2021

How Are Naturopaths And Mental Health Connected?

If you are familiar with what naturopaths do, you may know that their profession combines the advancements in modern medical science with the wisdom of nature. Doctors who specialize in naturopathic studies help to diagnose and treat patients from a range of conditions varying from mild to severe. However, these doctors are known for going beyond just treating a specific body part and its symptoms. They focus on treating your spirit, your mind, and your body all at once.

The developing field of naturopathic treatment for mental health is showing promise. This is particularly true as more patients are looking to steer clear of antidepressant 

medication when it may not be necessary for their situation. Below, we’ll discuss 5 ways a naturopath can help treat your mental health through a natural path to wellness.

Discover Factors That Are Potentially Causing Distress

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With many conditions and illnesses, there is usually an underlying cause. These underlying stresses could also be exacerbating separate issues that traditional medical doctorsmay not consider. In regards to mental health, there are numerous potential underlying causes that tend to fly under the radar as they are often seen as unrelated. These factors can include genetics, sleep hygiene, diet issues, and allergic reactions. Traditional medicines that treat mental health issues often cause side effects. Your naturopathic doctor can help to combat these negative effects, improving your overall mental wellness. 

Target The Whole Person

Similar to how naturopathy targets the entire body when dealing with physical issues, the case is much the same when we’re talking about mental health. Supporting the body’s and mind’s ability to repair itself through a good balance of natural resources is one way we can begin down the path toward holistic healing. One way doctors assist their patients with their mental health and wellness is by giving them the tools they need to help themselves. By giving the patient a better understanding of how they can make use of their innate consciousness and awareness, naturopathy aims to strengthen their mental fortitude. This way, they are more likely to be able to help themselves when the time comes. 

Help To Remove Emotional Sources Of Mental Illness

While mental illness frequently can be caused by an imbalance in hormones or other chemicals in the brain, trauma and other emotional roots are equally common. The primary

goal of removing emotional distresses is to achieve a better state of balance or mental stability. By working with a naturopathic doctor to identify where your emotional or spiritual issues may be, you can begin to target these issues with your doctor, or even external physicians. Your mind is so much more than merely a brain floating 

inside of a body and it needs to be treated as such when it is in distress. 

Identify And Remove Environmental Toxins


In our present society, we’re surrounded by chemicals not found in the natural world. Some of us may be more sensitive to these

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 toxins and they can begin to affect our mental health over time. Your doctor may begin to help by asking you what kind of plastics, artificial colorings, soaps, or GMO foods you consume or come in contact with regularly. Depending on how much exposure to these toxins you have on a daily basis, your naturopathic physician may ask you to switch these foods or products out for


Practice Holistic Healing And Therapies

Quite different from modern western healing practices, naturopathic medicine places a great emphasis on holistic healing and therapies. Such therapies can vary from yoga to meditation and even acupuncture. There are many paths to improving one’s emotional wellness and overcoming mental illness, and the world of naturopathic healing shows much promise with its seemingly endless list of different therapeutic methods.

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