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September 9


3 Delectable SuperTeas by Clevr for Self-Improvement Month

By Harrison Payton

September 9, 2023

Improve Your Well-being with Wellness Teas Loaded With Functional Mushrooms

September is Self-Improvement Month and a great time to make small changes and dedicate yourself to being the best version of yourself! To kick off this month, we have picked three delicious SuperTeas by Clevr Blends that will provide mood-lifting benefits, deep hydration, and gut support. 

Yuzu Lemon, Guava Green, and Dragonberry Hibiscus SuperTeas contain only natural ingredients such as green tea, probiotics, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms – no added sugar! These varieties of iced tea are especially indulgent when you consider they are not loose-leaf, which means no hassling with preparing your own bags. So read on for an overview of each flavorful SuperTea by Clevr Blends.

An image showing the benefits of Guava Green Super Tea from Clevr.
Yuzu Lemon by Clevr.

Yuzu Lemon SuperTea

Do you ever find yourself feeling sluggish throughout the day? You may need a pick-me-up that is both tasty and beneficial for your health! Look no further than Yuzu Lemon SuperTea by Clevr. 

This electrolyte blend packs a punch to keep you energized, and it’s caffeine-free so that you can enjoy it at any time of day. With the bonus of cordyceps mushrooms to help lower your stress and tremella mushrooms to hydrate your skin, this instant iced tea does so much more than just quench your thirst. 

The combination of botanical teas, fruit nectars, and coconut water provides a unique sweet and tangy taste that includes floral and citrus notes. This herbal tea is perfect for anyone looking for a refreshing drink that’s both enjoyable and beneficial to their overall health. 

Not only is it incredibly tasty, but it’s also caffeine-free and perfect for anyone looking for an electrolyte blend to keep them going through the day. With herbs like slippery elm and probiotics to support gut health and digestion, you can feel good about drinking Yuzu Lemon SuperTea every day. Instant iced teas don’t get much better than this!

An image showing the benefits of Guava Green Super Tea from Clevr.
Guava Green by Clevr.

Guava Green SuperTea

Quench your thirst and boost your well-being with our Guava Green SuperTea! Made with real fruit nectars, green tea, cordyceps mushrooms, and a natural electrolyte blend, this refreshing beverage is delicious and packed with functional botanicals. Clevr Blends meticulously selected these botanicals to support hydration, natural energy, and gut health. 

The tropical guava and tart passionfruit flavors make it the perfect summer drink, while the cold brew green tea gives you a light caffeine boost (35mg) without the jitters. This Guava Green SuperTea is an easy choice for anyone who wants to feel great while enjoying a tasty, energizing beverage. It’s a tropical and delicate taste you won’t want to miss!

An image showing the benefits of Dragonberry Hibiscus Super Tea from Clevr.
Dragonberry Hibiscus by Clevr.

Dragonberry Hibiscus SuperTea

Experience the perfect balance of flavor and health with our Dragonberry Hibiscus SuperTea, a member of our collection of wellness teas. 

Blended with premium ingredients like sunny fruit nectars, probiotics, and adaptogens, this cold brew delivers a refreshing and calming experience that may help boost your overall wellness. The blend of herbs and hibiscus creates an intense yet perfectly balanced taste that’s tart, jammy, and juicy, with hints of a good merlot. 

Brewed in cold water (or even sparkling water), you only need to add ice, sip, and indulge in the rich flavors. Best of all, this caffeine-free tea is gentle on the stomach and aids in digestion, making it the perfect way to unwind after a long day. 

Embrace the health benefits of tea and indulge in the unique wine and spices taste of the exquisite Dragonberry Hibiscus SuperTea – a holistic tea experience like no other.

Happy Self-Improvement Month from Everyone at Danu Wellness

As we welcome September and Self-Improvement Month, let’s take a gentle step towards wellness with the wholesome goodness of these SuperTea blends by Clevr. 

Incorporating natural ingredients like green tea, probiotics, adaptogens, and mushrooms, these herbal teas are free of added sugar, ensuring guilt-free hydration. Whether your preference lies with Yuzu Lemon, Guava Green, or Dragonberry Hibiscus, each sip promises a journey towards improved health. Let’s make this month about self-care and wellness, one ice-cold cup of SuperTea at a time. 

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