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July 8


Natural Wellness With Realistic Dietary Habits

By Harrison Payton

July 8, 2021

Natural Wellness Isn’t A Myth

How can we achieve natural wellness? It is a question that many people are asking themselves these days. The way to go about attaining natural wellness is by practicing realistic dietary habits. Creating a lasting healthy diet is about emphasizing total wellness with balance instead of focusing on calory deprivation. This blog post will outline how DIY meal kits and plant-based meals have become increasingly popular in the last year as consumers look for foods that provide balanced nutrition and allow for exceptions (holidays!) and how natural remedies such as herbal supplements may positively affect our health.

What Is The Difference Between A Diet And A Lifestyle Change?

A lifestyle change is about achieving natural wellness by making small changes to our day-to-day habits. Instead of focusing on calory deprivation, we need to consider natural remedies such as herbal supplements that may positively affect our health and the balance in terms of hormones and other body functions. Rather than obsessively counting every calorie, it’s essential to learn about natural and whole foods and how they may positively affect our health.

How To Make Realistic Dietary Habits Work For You

Creating a natural and lasting healthy diet is about incorporating natural remedies, natural foods, as well as realistic habits. It’s crucial to find the right balance of what works for you regarding foods you enjoy as well as dietary restrictions.

Healthy And Easy Plant-based Food Swaps

Some examples of healthy plant-based foods that you can easily swap less healthy options are:

– organic nut butters

– natural protein smoothies or powders that are plant-based

– natural oatmeal with additions such as chia seeds, coconut flakes, etc.

Some examples of foods to avoid when eating a plant-based diet are: processed grains and pastas, and refined sugar products

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The Benefits Of DIY Meal Kits When You’re Changing Habits

A Picture of a meal kit being prepared.
Healthy DIY meal kits are becoming an increasingly popular way to support your natural wellness and integrated health.

DIY meal kits are becoming increasingly popular in natural wellness. They provide easy-to-prepare meals that can be customized to your dietary needs and likes while saving you time. Furthermore, they eliminate the need for excess food shopping trips and wastefulness of uneaten or expired goods for ingredients like fresh fruit or produce.

How Herbal Supplements Can Support A Realistic Diet

Herbal supplements can support a natural and lasting diet by providing alternatives to common dietary aids such as caffeine, alcohol, or sugar. As a result, many people are turning to herbal remedies in order to reduce their consumption of these items without the fear of side effects that may occur with some prescription medications.

Danu Is Here To Support Your Natural Wellness

Danu wants to invite you to read all of our blogs on integrated health and natural wellness. From the difference between a diet and lifestyle change, how to make realistic dietary habits work for you, and healthy plant-based food swaps that are easy, Danu has information to support a better you. Even regarding the benefits of DIY meal kits when you’re changing your habits or herbal supplements that can support a realistic diet – we have valuable educational resources for everyone looking to improve their health. For natural wellness and premium CBD products, be sure to check out our online store here!

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