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March 17


3 Plant-Based Medicines Herbalists Recommend For Anxiety

By Harrison Payton

March 17, 2021

Plant-Based Medicines That Herbalists Love For Anxiety Treatment

In this day and age, grappling with anxiety is very common. Data shows that annually about 20% of the U.S. population experiences anxiety. While being the most common form of mental illness, it is also very treatable. It may even be treatable with natural wellness options like plant-based medicines.

Among this 20%, many need treatment, as the condition tends to put up roadblocks in one’s life. There has been a somewhat unsettling trend for healthcare professionals to perhaps overprescribe anti-anxiety medications when it may not be necessary for every individual. On unfortunate occasions, some healthcare professionals will offer strong anti-anxiety medication to people who are not dealing with severe anxiety, but merely have stomach butterflies or normal stress. This is not a sustainable or healthy trend. 

While there are many people who need the assistance of modern prescription medication to live balanced lives, there are also people who may be able to live a healthy lifestyle with just the assistance of more natural options. 

Herbalists across the country often recommend trying natural herbal anxiety treatments before going straight to some of the more potent and sometimes side-effect plagued modern medicines. These herbal supplements are generally less harsh and may have fewer negative side effects than powerful prescription medications. It’s important to note that you should always consult your healthcare provider before trying or switching to herbal medicines. We’ve rounded up 3 anxiety easing natural plant-based medicines below.


This root is known for its calming effects and can be used as a sleep aid. It is somewhat of a mild sedative, so it’s easy to see why so many use it to help their body and mind guide themselves into a gentle state of sleep. Valerian also balances your hormone levels and is widely used for treating anxiety. It’s commonly used in herbal teas. Research has shown that it is safe, but caution should be taken when prescription medications are being used alongside it. 


This herbal medicine is also well known for its aid with insomnia or other sleep issues. Used since ancient times, passionflower has helped countless people find relief from emotions that would otherwise be overwhelming. Passionflower is considered a sedative and is commonly used to lessen feelings of anxiety. If you’re into teas, you’re in luck. This herb is often used in herbal teas, making it very easy and tasty to consume.

The Leaves Of An Ashwagandha Plant
The Leaves Of An Ashwagandha Plant


Ashwagandha is perhaps one of the most well-known and used plant-based medicines for anxiety. It belongs to a group of herbs which are known as ‘adaptogens’. These herbs, specifically Ashwagandha, work on your body’s hormones that regulate stress responses. In a clinical trial, patients given Ashwagandha showed reduced cortisol (a powerful stress hormone) levels and improved sleep patterns. With higher doses (600mg), it was reported that study participants were significantly less anxious

Are Plant-Based Medicines Right For You?

Ultimately, you should decide with your doctor if trying plant-based medicines and herbal remedies are right for you and your present medical situation. However, we recommend speaking with a qualified herbalist to anyone curious about trying more natural options, such as broad-spectrum CBD, to help treat their anxiety.

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