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February 15


What Is Functional Nutrition And How Can It Help You?

By Harrison Payton

February 15, 2021

It’s Much More Than Making Sure You’re Eating Healthy

Functional nutrition is a relatively new field of wellness that aims to go beyond just treating the symptoms of whatever condition or illness you may be experiencing. By looking beyond macronutrients and micronutrients, this field seeks to gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your cells and your genetics. 

A key aspect of functional nutrition that separates itself from traditional medicine is that it is highly personalized to the individual. It focuses on the whole person, rather than just the area experiencing symptoms. Your functional nutrition specialist can create an improvement plan to better your wellness based on particulars unique to you. This can consist of your personal goals, your genetics, how you hope to feel, and what conditions you may be struggling with. 

What Are Some Ways Functional Nutrition Helps Improve Your Overall Wellness?

Much like an integrated wellness program, the goal of functional nutrition is to search for and locate problem areas within your body and what may be causing them. Your functional nutrition specialist may go over areas in your life where you are exposed to toxins that could be damaging to your wellness. They also want to make sure a key component to your digestive and mental health is working well — your gut health. A specialist supports your optimal health and wellness by recommending the right foods and nutritional supplements to get you back on track.

Benefits of functional therapy | Danu

Your body needs more than just the bare minimums of vitamins and minerals to stay in optimal condition in the long term. Through focusing on real, whole foods, you can begin to build a strong foundation that will support all of your body’s systems. High-quality proteins, good fats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains all make up what your body needs to achieve balance, sometimes known as homeostasis.  Functional nutrition treats food as medicine and encourages you to cut artificial, unnatural, or processed foods. These all may be contributing to a feeling of unwellness. 

Your Gut And Your Immune System

While all of us are aware our immune system protects our body from external threats, many of us may not be aware that roughly 70% of our immune system resides in our gut. This is why it is crucial to support your gut health through proper activity and targeted nutrition. Heavily processed and artificial foods can cause serious damage to your gut’s state of equilibrium, especially over long periods of time. In addition to a balanced diet, it’s essential you eat plenty of fiber, regularly exercise, and drink plenty of liquids. 

A Final Word On Functional Nutrition

As society increasingly looks to more natural, less intrusive forms of treatment, many believe that functional nutrition is the future of healthcare. Traditional medicine has long been described as having a gap between the patient and the doctor. This gap represents the difference between what the doctor prescribes in medical terms and what the patient actually feels. Functional nutrition places a strong emphasis on bridging this gap and meeting the goals and needs of the patient. Between working with integrated wellness specialists, naturopaths, and herbalists, we can begin to see a return to treating the whole person.

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