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March 10


What Is Holistic Healing? The 4 Balance Points

By Harrison Payton

March 10, 2021

What Is Holistic Healing? A Contrast To Modern Healing Practices

Modern, Western medicine has made profound progress in countless areas of health. From treating the common cold to advanced medical procedures, there’s no doubt that modern medicine is beneficial to society. However, there is one area where it seems to be lacking — focusing on the entirety of your health. In Western medicine, there is a large focus on treating symptoms and dealing with syndromes. It tends to focus on “problems” and how to make them go away or become unnoticeable. 

With so much emphasis placed on fixing problems, it’s easy to skip or pass by one of the most important components of natural wellness. Instead of treating each problem as it pops up, holistic healing aims to treat the whole person and help prevent these issues from occurring whenever possible. There are 4 main points that holistic healing addresses, which create balance across your whole body and mind. Let’s dive into each one a bit below. 

The Mind

Your mind is where the entire wellness balancing act begins. The mind’s influence on the body is so powerful that without proper mental well-being, the other points of balance seem to fall apart. In order to take care of your mind, you need to keep it engaged. This includes activities like doing challenging tasks at work, keeping intellectually active, and even solving difficult puzzles. When your mind atrophies, feelings of sadness, boredom, or even depression can creep in. 

Just as you feed your body through your stomach, you also need to feed your brain through learning. Taking the time to learn something new each week or each month can make a tremendous difference in how you feel. That being said, it’s important to note that it’s easy to overdo this. Make sure to give your mind adequate rest from learning, working, and even enjoying entertainment. 

Keeping The Mind Active Benefits Your Holistic Health
Keeping The Mind Active Benefits Your Holistic Health

The Body

Similar to your brain, you need to keep challenging your body. It’s been shown through both modern and ancient medicine that staying inactive is unhealthy for your overall physical and mental health. It’s not necessary to go overboard on physical training, but it’s important to keep a physical health routine you stick to in order to keep your body active and working properly. 

Feeding your body with organic and natural foods while limiting the intake of foods high in fat and sugar can keep you feeling better throughout your everyday life. Reducing foods that are loaded with preservatives and other additives can also help you live a fuller life. It may also be beneficial to consult with a functional nutrition specialist, naturopath, or herbalist. Treating your body and its endocannabinoid system to quality CBD products may also help you achieve better homeostasis and a renewed sense of rest. Furthermore, it’s essential you give your body adequate time to rest each day. As more and more Americans are becoming busier than ever and working out of their homes, simply resting is easily forgotten, but incredibly important.

The Heart 

When you’ve focused on getting your body into a good state of wellness, you can begin to work on your heart. This and the next balance point are perhaps greatly overlooked because they are not quite as obvious as taking care of the mind and body. One way our bodies and minds can experience unnecessary stress is by keeping our hearts closed. Open your heart to new emotions, new feelings, and new experiences. Connect with people you haven’t spoken to recently and make new friends when you have an opportunity. By doing these things, you are essentially feeding your heart. Allowing yourself some vulnerability so you can express the emotions your heart feels is a great way to feed your heart the attention it needs. 

The Spirit

Regardless of whatever faith you have or believe in, it’s important to recognize and revisit it regularly. Even for those of us who do not practice anything specific, you can always recognize the faith you have in your friends and family, as well as the good things that have come and will come in your life. We wouldn’t be a natural wellness and healing organization if we didn’t suggest getting out into nature and reconnecting with ourselves as a part of the natural world. All these activities can help feed the soul and elevate your spirit. 

Achieving Holistic Health Through Balance

We understand it’s not always easy to keep things balanced in your life. What matters is that you try to keep these 4 balance points in mind throughout your weeks, months, and years. By doing this, you can begin to notice if some areas are off balance and begin adjusting them so you can continue down the never-ending path of holistic healing.

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