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February 23


Natural Wellness And CBD — A Cure For Burnout?

By Harrison Payton

February 23, 2021

Natural Wellness — What Is It?

Natural wellness at its core is defined by a state of wellness. What does that mean? What wellness means depends on what each person defines as their version of feeling well. While this feeling does vary from person to person, we can describe what wellness, and by extension, natural wellness means by looking at its different aspects.

The dictionary definition of wellness is “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.” To understand what being in good health means, there are a number of aspects you need to look at. These aspects include mind, body, spiritual, work, intellectual, community, environmental, and emotional wellness. If any of these aspects represent a lack of wellness, your overall sense of wellness may suffer to some degree. If multiple areas are suffering, you may experience more serious feelings of unwellness or malaise in your life.

Natural wellness is the concept that you can gain, improve, and maintain your state of balanced wellness through a variety of all-natural remedies and daily practices. Working with a naturopath may be essential in taking your first steps towards total natural wellness. They can help diagnose problem areas in your life and help you overcome these challenges by using natural solutions and processes. Whether it be recommending certain supplements or helping you implement an exercise plan, chances are, a naturopath can help you succeed.  

A breakfast focused on natural wellness.
A breakfast focused on natural wellness.

How Natural Wellness Maintains A Positive Mindset

By working towards a state of natural wellness you’ll begin to discover the positive impact it has on your mindset. Even by focusing on just two or three aspects of your total wellness, for example, mind, body, and environmental wellness, you’ll begin to see a dramatic increase in the quality of your life and overall happiness. 

By reducing or eliminating processed foods, increasing your daily activity or exercise time, and avoiding harmful environmental influences, your sense of wellness will expand. When you feel well overall, you’re better able to cope with stressful situations and maintain a more constant emotional state. Positivity and happiness are born from natural wellness. 

Setting Boundaries To Avoid Burnout

If you are beginning to feel burned out with work or your calling in life, the first step you need to take is to scan your state of wellness. You’ll discover what areas might be contributing to these feelings (besides the work itself). Next, you’ll want to take an inventory of boundaries you need to set in order to  push back against stressors in your work or home life. Create a list of goals you want to accomplish by setting these boundaries. 

Burnout can happen when our state of wellness is out of balance.
Burnout can happen when our state of wellness is out of balance.

The final step here is to actually set these boundaries with yourself and others. A common cause of burnout is pushing oneself too hard for too long in order to please others. By setting these boundaries, you are setting yourself up for a more balanced lifestyle and taking back your valuable me-time. Your me-time is a critical component of many of the aspects listed above as part of your overall wellness.  

Why CBD Plays A Big Part In Your Natural Wellness Plan

As your naturopath may recommend, CBD plays an excellent role in gaining back your state of wellness so you can avoid feelings of burnout and other health-related issues. CBD research shows promising evidence that it may contribute to lower anxiety levels, decreased overall stress, and even reduced aches and pains throughout your body. CBD’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties may benefit your gut health and joint health while providing relief for anxiety by influencing your body’s endocannabinoid system through its potent natural terpenes

Combining CBD And Wellness Practices For A Happier You

Wellness components like proper nutrition, healthy supplements, and working with a naturopath are all great starts on your natural wellness journey. Practicing yoga, meditation, or mindfulness can also greatly benefit your state of happiness. With the seemingly magic-like capabilities of CBD combined with your other activities, you may just be able to achieve a feeling of positivity you’ve never experienced before in your life. 

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