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November 30


CBD For Athletic Recovery And Muscle Relief

By Harrison Payton

November 30, 2020

The Basics On CBD And The Body

For those who have worked out hard and spent several days recovering with painful muscles or joints, you understand the discomfort of working out again without having fully regained peak performance. 

We all want to be at our best before a workout so we can focus on pushing past our limits and reaching new records. This is true whether lifting weights or doing cardio. That’s why it’s essential we treat our bodies to not only the vitamins and nutrients they need to run well, but also to plant-based compounds like CBD that may help you with your recovery.

Our bodies have what’s called an endocannabinoid system that helps process any cannabinoids we may consume. This system is vast and runs throughout much of the body with receptors found in many different organs. It is composed of CB1 and CB2 receptors which respond to cannabinoid terpenes. They can react differently depending on the part of the body and the type of cannabinoid. Let’s take a look today at how CBD oil can affect our muscles, and therefore our body’s ability to recover. 

Danu endocannabinoid system

How CBD Affects Muscles

You may be wondering how CBD could possibly reduce recovery time when it comes to those sore muscles. CBD affects muscles and many other parts of the body by helping to reduce inflammation. 

Your body’s endocannabinoid system takes charge and receives the CBD with its receptors. When this happens, excess oxygen and metabolites are exchanged, which can ultimately lead to less discomfort and overall improved recovery. 

For many years, athletes have sometimes turned to drugs to reduce inflammation like ibuprofen. Unfortunately, ibuprofen can be very hard and even damaging to organs like the liver, stomach, and intestines with prolonged use. It’s no wonder why many are starting to look to alternative forms of pain relief and anti-inflammatory medicine. Since CBD can potentially reduce your body’s inflammation, this means your recovery systems can possibly be triggered earlier.

Best CBD Uses To Achieve Your Athletic Goals

When looking to help achieve your fitness goals, reducing recovery time is an easy way to start. Getting back to the gym or your home workout sooner means you can smash through your next exercise routine with more confidence. If you’re looking to start off with CBD, these forms of CBD oil may be the best in helping you get on the right track.

CBD Sports Cream

When pain and fatigue strike after a workout, you want something that will help you feel better fast. A high-quality CBD Sports Cream is an excellent option because not only do your muscles receive the CBD and it’s potential anti-inflammatory properties, you also receive the incredibly soothing sensations of menthol and camphor. If you’re particularly concerned about inflammation mid-workout, you can even rub it in before hitting the gym.

CBD Salve

CBD Salves are an excellent way to gently relieve your skin and muscles after exercise, and are a bit more subtle than the intensity of menthol found in a CBD sports cream. They provide the potential relief that CBD can bring while also sporting other soothing ingredients like essential oils and beeswax.

CBD Bath Bomb

There’s nothing quite as luxurious and relaxing as taking a nice hot bath after a long day’s work or an intense workout. Why not make it even more relaxing and soothing by adding a bit of cannabidiol (CBD)? We recommended CBD Bath Bombs for anyone looking for full-body soothing relaxation. It’s great for athletes who use their whole body like climbers and swimmers!

CBD Softgels

Last, but definitely not least, CBD Softgels taken orally can help potentially provide lasting relief throughout the day by providing whole body endocannabinoid system balance. Rather than focusing on a specific area like a knee joint or shoulder muscle, CBD Softgels target your body’s inflammation as a whole. CBD Softgels With Melatonin are also a great option for those looking to hit the hay after their exercise routine. 

Danu athletic competition

A Word On CBD Use And Athletic Competition

While regular CBD use for your own personal exercise routine and recovery should not cause any issues, we feel it is important to disclose that while our products do not contain any THC, the cannabinoids found within our products may potentially cause issues when taking pre-competition drug tests. 

We want you to recover and feel great, but we also don’t want you to have your drug test results misfire! Check out our blog on CBD and drug tests

Nature’s Athletic Assistant

Danu Apothecary is excited to help people reach their workout and health goals by providing high-quality CBD that can potentially aid with muscle and joint recovery. We’re focused on providing relief the natural way with our THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD products. Be sure to check out our full lineup of CBD options here today.

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