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December 11


USDA Certified Organic. What does it mean?

By Harrison Payton

December 11, 2020

Organic and USDA Certified Organic. What’s the difference?

The word “organic” has been used more and more over the past few decades. It’s gotten to the point where many of us aren’t totally sure what organic means anymore. The truth is, there isn’t really a set standard on what the word “organic” means, and that has been causing a lot of confusion over the years.

In an effort to let customers and consumers know what they are buying truly is organic and has gone through a rigorous certification process, the United States government has created a set of strict guidelines. These guidelines dictate how organic food can be grown and what must, can, and can’t be involved in the production process.

Why USDA Certified Organic Matters

With how many “natural” and “organic” foods, supplements, and other products floating around in the market now, we believe it’s important to know for certain that an item has been certified. When you’ve chosen a product that is USDA certified organic, you can be sure that all processes involved in its production are as natural as possible.

Your Wellness Is At Stake

While the majority of items that claim to be organic are most likely organic to some degree, without certification there’s no telling for sure. According to a recent study, several CBD products being sold on Amazon did not even contain CBD in them. Without knowing what to look for, it can be tricky to spot legitimate CBD companies

Furthermore, there is evidence that some products that are not USDA certified organic can even contain levels of THC typically found only at marijuana dispensaries. What’s scarier is that there have been a few studies showing that some untested CBD can contain potentially dangerous synthetic cannabinoids. For information on CBD and drug testing, be sure to check out our blog here. 

Not only is our production process certified by the USDA as organic, but we also rely on third-party testing. Danu’s lab results page allows you to se lab results for all of our CBD products, by looking at the batch number listed on your Danu CBD product. The highly detailed results displayed will give you a complete breakdown of the composition of your product. This includes CBD potency, pesticide checks, microbial checks, a heavy metals panel, and much more. 

We’re Here To Support Your Organic Lifestyle

Danu has set out to supply you with CBD products that are not only of the highest quality, but also USDA Certified Organic. Receiving this mark means the world to us. Why? Because your health and wellness mean the world to us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whether you need CBD Softgels for sleep, CBD Gummies for mid-day relaxation, or CBD Topicals for muscle and joint pain relief, we are proud to offer our certified CBD products to you. Be sure to check our full selection today. Organic, natural relief is just around the corner!

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