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April 5


Using Exercise To Reduce Anxiety

By Harrison Payton

April 5, 2021

Can Exercise Reduce Anxiety?

The short answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!” Keeping in shape with exercise not only improves your physical condition, boosts your immune system, and promotes heart health, it also is an excellent way to reduce many forms of anxiety. Keeping your body fit, in turn, keeps your mind fit as well. There is overwhelming evidence that you can reduce stress, improve alertness, and reduce overwhelming feelings of anxiety by maintaining your physical fitness. 

Research has suggested that even taking a quick 10 minute-walk may be nearly as effective as doing a full-on workout for 45 minutes. The anxiety-reducing results, while temporary, may provide hours of relief for you. Just like taking an aspirin for joint pain or a headache, exercise provides temporary, but real relief from many negative feelings. Let’s take a look below at a few of the top exercises that are excellent for quickly reducing the symptoms of anxiety and boosting your overall wellness

Best Exercises For Feeling Better


Yoga being a great stress-reliever comes without much of a surprise. It is often considered with the go-to for anxiety reduction. The gradual stretching of muscles and emptying of the mind is a superb way to let those feelings of pent-up anxiety right out the door. It’s been noted that if you regularly attend yoga classes, your chance of improving your anxiety symptoms go significantly up. What’s even better? Anxiety is not the only condition it can help with. Yoga has been known to decrease feelings of anger, neurotic symptoms, and even depression.


Dancing isn’t just for fun. It’s also an excellent form of exercise that uses much of your body’s muscle groups. There is even some evidence that dancing can decrease stress noticeably more than just a regular workout. Don’t be afraid to express yourself while you dance, as it can strengthen your mind-body connection. Regardless of if you’re taking salsa, ballroom dancing, Zumba, or even at-home dance lessons, you’re doing your body and mind a great service.


It’s common knowledge that stepping outside or getting yourself into the midst of nature can help you take a deep breath and relax. What’s great about hiking is that you are constantly changing the beautiful scenery around you while exercising much of your body. Hiking puts you into the moment and keeps you there with its challenges and gorgeous scenery. Walking in a natural area tends to lower stress hormones better than when in an urban area, so be sure to get out into a park or up on the mountain. 


Have you heard of endorphins? They’re your body’s feel-good chemicals that occur naturally when you exercise. If you’ve ever heard of a “runner’s high”, these are the endorphins produced during exercise that cause a euphoric feeling throughout the body and mind. The positive effects of running can have short-term and long-term benefits on depression and anxiety. 

Running Is An Excellent Way To Reduce Anxiety.
Running Is An Excellent Way To Reduce Anxiety.

Strength Training

With strength training, you’re not merely building muscle, you’re also strengthening your mind against anxiety and depression symptoms. The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine found evidence that you can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by doing resistance training regularly. It’s also been shown to regulate mood and sleep patterns, both of which can help you boost your state of natural wellness

Find A Natural Path To Wellness With Danu

Danu encourages you to try out any and all of the above-mentioned exercises, as they greatly impact how you may deal with anxiety every day. As with almost any form of physical activity, the above-mentioned exercises may cause a few aches and pains, especially during your body’s natural recovery process. Using a high-quality CBD Cream, CBD Salve, CBD Sports Cream, or CBD Salve Stick may help with your muscle and joints’ recovery time and inflammation. Let your muscles loosen up at the end of the day (while easing your mind) with a CBD Bath Bomb!

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