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October 21


Hemp Books: 3 Must-Reads That Will Change Your Perspective

By Harrison Payton

October 21, 2021

Hemp Books To Dive Into

Hemp has been a controversial topic for many years. Some people say hemp is the answer to our renewable energy and sustainable industry needs. In contrast, others insist hemp is nothing more than a drug being disguised as an industrial crop. In reality, hemp can be used for so much more than just fabric or paper products. This blog will discuss three of the essential books on hemp that have been published in recent years: A Modern Introduction to Hemp – From Food to Fiber: Past, Present, and Future by Paul Benhaim; The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer; Advances in Hemp Research edited by Paolo Ranalli.

A Modern Introduction to Hemp – From Food to Fiber: Past, Present, and Future by Paul Benhaim

This book is written by the founder of Hemp Foods Australia, which specializes in hemp foods and hemp oil. The author has also worked with hemp for many years on a farm that he owns. Paul Benhaim’s goal was to write this book so more people would learn about hemp plants and their various uses. This includes everything from food production to textiles, paper products, biofuels, etc.

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Hemp can be used for so much more than CBD production. From food to paper and much more, hemp may begin to lead the way in sustainability.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer

Jack Herer wrote his famous work (which some call “the bible of hemp”) after having traveled around North America learning all about hemp use throughout history. He talks extensively about how marijuana prohibition came into place since there were no scientific reasons behind it but rather corporate greed. He is, in fact, the one that coined the term “marijuana conspiracy” because hemp was a very dangerous competitor to industries such as cotton, paper, oil, and pharmaceuticals.

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Advancements in Hemp Research by Paolo Ranalli

This book brings together many important hemp researchers from around the world who share their research results on everything from hemp fibers to their use for medical purposes. The goal of this book was not only to create an academic platform where scholars could present their findings but also to encourage further research into hemp science. This knowledge can help us move towards sustainable industrial hemp production, leading to more jobs and less environmental damage caused by deforestation.

More Educational Resources On Hemp, CBD, And Natural Wellness

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