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November 2


Biggest CBD Myths

By libbymurphy1313

November 2, 2020

Pesky Myths About CBD That Need To Be Dispelled

As with many cutting-edge new and natural health products, CBD has its fair share of naysayers and skeptics, as well as some flat out misinformation. At Danu, we understand how this can be confusing and frustrating when looking for CBD options that are right for you.

We’re here to set the record straight on a few of the biggest CBD myths out there. So sit back, get your reading glasses, and prepare to learn something new about the goddess Danu’s favorite plant oil.

CBD Can Get You High

This is one of, if not the most, common myths about CBD usage. The media has tended to portray, at least initially, CBD to be marijuana-like. Due to the similarity in the hemp and marijuana plants, the subject is often brought up together in conversation. While there are some similarities in the plants, CBD, particularly the broad-spectrum CBD that Danu sells, cannot get you high. This is because our broad-spectrum CBD products are THC-free. 

While sometimes “full-spectrum” CBD can contain trace amounts of THC, this is simply not the case with our broad-spectrum products. Because we don’t want to put our customers through any unnecessary worry, all of our products are strictly tested and labeled THC-free. For information on whether or not CBD may affect drug tests, review our blog here.

Quality Doesn’t Matter With CBD

This is a common misconception especially among those just learning about and entering the world of CBD. Quality is absolutely a concern with CBD. There have been cases where news outlets have tested CBD and found it to be of low quality, impure, or very weak in potency. 

Just as quality matters with the food and medicine you buy, so does CBD. It’s crucial you’re consuming CBD that it is exactly what it says it is. That’s why Danu has its CBD tested only by accredited 3rd party labs to prove its purity. It’s as simple as entering the code on your product labels and seeing the results. 

CBD Has Immediate Results

In contrast to THC, the possible effects of CBD are not something you will “feel” immediately. Just like when taking a new medication, taking CBD for a few days or a week, and then giving up on it is not an accurate way to judge whether the product has helped you or not. 

The potential positive effects that some have experienced are usually not an immediate event. CBD and related terpenes, just like any other substances, can take a while to establish themselves in your system. Danu may be the goddess of water and healing, but she’s also a patient one too.

High-Quality CBD That You Can Trust

Choose Danu for all of your CBD needs. Our variety, quality, and excellent service make us stand out from our competitors. Most importantly though, we believe in helping others, and that is why we put such a strong emphasis on making sure our tinctures, softgels, gummies, and topicals are worth your trust. 

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