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September 9


The Difference Between Indoor vs. Outdoor Grown Hemp

By Harrison Payton

September 9, 2022

Growing Environments: Outdoor Growing And Indoor Cannabis

When it comes to hemp, there are two main ways that farmers grow the plant: indoors or outdoors. While both growth methods have pros and cons, the type of hemp cultivated can significantly impact the plant’s flavor profile, quality, and yield. Here’s a look at the crucial differences between hemp grown indoors and hemp grown outdoors.

Controlled Environment

One of the most noteworthy benefits of growing hemp indoors is that farmers have complete control over the environment. By controlling the temperature, humidity, and light exposure, indoor growers can create the perfect conditions for their plants. This results in a quality, increased yield, and a more robust flavor profile. Additionally, because indoor-grown hemp is not exposed to harsh weather conditions or pests, these plants’ CBD content is typically higher.

An image of indoor grown hemp being inspected.
With indoor-grown hemp, it is much easier to control every aspect of the hemp plant’s cultivation.

Outdoor Cannabis 

While outdoor-grown cannabis plants don’t provide growers with the same level of control as indoor growing, they do have their own unique merits. For starters, outdoor cannabis is less expensive to grow since there’s no need for expensive equipment like lights and air conditioners. Additionally, outdoor plants tend to be hardier than their indoor counterparts, which means they’re less likely to be impacted by disease or pests. And because this cannabis is exposed to natural sunlight, the outdoor grown buds tend to be smaller but more potent. 

Flavor Profile

One key difference between indoor and outdoor grown hemp is the flavor profile. When hemp is grown indoors, the grower has more control over the environment. This means they can adjust the temperature, humidity, and ventilation to create the perfect setting for the plants. 

As a result, indoor-grown hemp often has a more consistent flavor profile. In addition to flavor consistency, indoor-grown hemp allows for much more fine-tuning of specific flavors, ultimately allowing for a much more customized experience.

Outdoor-grown hemp, on the other hand, is subject to the whims of Mother Nature. While this can lead to some exciting flavor profiles, it also means that the taste of outdoor-grown hemp can be more unpredictable. 

An image of an outdoor-grown hemp plant.
While outdoor-grown hemp may be more unpredictable, the sun and fresh air may add unique flavor profiles unavailable to indoor-grown hemp plants.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Hemp Yield 

The yield (in terms of the number of plants) for indoor-grown hemp is typically lower per harvest than for outdoor-grown hemp because indoor growth requires more time and money to set up. Conversely, outdoor grows have a higher overall yield because they don’t need as much time or money to set up. 

Furthermore, with outdoor-grown hemp, there is only one growing season per year. Indoor growers, on the other hand, can have multiple growing seasons per year. This means indoor growers can get a higher yearly yield than outdoor growers.

Light Deprivation Strategy For Indoor Growth

This is quite literally a “growth hack.” Hemp growers can use light deprivation to increase yield. Often, cultivators will give hemp lots of light during its vegetative growth. 

Controlling the amount of light causes the plant to grow much more quickly, sometimes as much as 2 inches daily. Additionally, flowers will bloom earlier when deprived of light. 

These flowers contain high levels of CBD oil, a natural compound many people use for medicinal purposes. So, by regulating the amount of light that hits the plants during different stages in their lives, farmers can better manage how much CBD is produced.

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Drying and Curing 

Once the hemp plant has been harvested, it needs to be dried and cured before it can be used. The drying process completely removes all the moisture from the plant so that it can be adequately cured. Curing helps preserve the THC and CBD content while improving the final product’s taste. When it comes to drying and curing hemp, both indoor and outdoor grown plants can produce high-quality CBD products

High Quality

Finally, another key difference between indoor and outdoor grown hemp is the high quality of indoor hemp. When hemp is grown indoors, growers have complete control over all aspects of production. This allows them to produce a higher quality product because they can ensure that their plants receive precisely what they need to thrive. Moreover, growing indoors protects plants from external stresses like pests and bad weather. 

While outdoor-grown hemp can also be high quality, it is more difficult to control all aspects of production when growing outdoors. Consequently, there is a greater risk that plants will be exposed to stresses like pests and bad weather, which can compound problems and lead to lower quality products overall. This ultimately affects the quality of the cannabidiol (CBD) and the hemp-derived delta-9 THC.

An image of a person touching a hemp plant outdoors.
Outdoor-grown hemp generally offers a more affordable, more natural option but may lack some of the quality of indoor hemp.

The Bottom Line On Hemp Growing Environments

So, which is better? Indoor or outdoor grown hemp? The answer really depends on your preferences as a farmer or consumer. If you’re looking for a high-quality product with a strong flavor profile, indoor-grown hemp is probably your best bet.

However, if you’re searching for a less pricey option that still delivers potent CBD products, outdoor-grown hemp may be a better choice for you. Whatever your preference, make sure you do your research so that you can choose the type of hemp that’s right for you!

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