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October 2


CBD: A Guide To Explaining Cannabidiol To Your Family

By Harrison Payton

October 2, 2021

Explaining CBD (Cannabidiol) To Your Family

In today’s world, cannabidiol is an increasingly popular topic. More and more people are beginning to use CBD for its many health benefits, but they’re unsure how their families will react because there are many misconceptions about it. This blog aims to guide you through explaining CBD to your family in a way that can convince them of the benefits while proving myths about cannabidiol aren’t true.

Start By Explaining The Difference Between Marijuana And Hemp

The first thing you should do is explain the difference between hemp and marijuana. Many people assume that CBD comes from a type of cannabis plant, but it doesn’t. Cannabidiol is derived from hemp plants which have been grown for many generations to produce high concentrations of CBD with minimal amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Marijuana has extremely low levels of cannabidiol (CBD), so states allow farmers to grow hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD oil sold at retail locations or online must contain less than 0.3% THC. To avoid any confusion, Danu sells only broad-spectrum CBD, which contains 0.0% THC. This means you won’t become impaired or feel high in any way.

An picture of a hand holding a CBD tincture dropper filled with CBD oil.
Demonstrating with a CBD tincture is a good way to show skeptical family members that CBD won’t impair you after use.

Demonstrate Using A CBD Oil Tincture

You can also demonstrate how CBD works by using a tincture. Tinctures are the most popular form of CBD because they’re easy to use. A tincture is simply an oil that you place under your tongue, hold for 60-120 seconds, then swallow. To show family members what happens when you take cannabidiol orally, take some under your tongue and show them how in 15 minutes you are not changed in any way or showing any signs of being high.

Discuss Different CBD Products

There are a variety of products with CBD, including gummies and topical creams. You can show your family various types to demonstrate the differences between them all. This will also help you explain why not all CBD is created equal by showing how one person may benefit from a tincture while another might receive pain relief from using topicals like CBD Salve or CBD Sports Cream.

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Offer Them Educational Resources On CBD (Like Danu’s Blog)

The final thing you should do is offer your family educational resources on CBD. There are many misconceptions about cannabidiol, but there are also many articles that dispel those myths by showing scientific evidence of the potential benefits of CBD oil. You can link to this blog or any other reputable CBD site in order to help people learn more about how it works and why they should try it for themselves if they’ve never had it before.

By using these tips while sharing information with family members or friends who want to use CBD, you’ll be able to educate them so they understand what hemp extracts like cannabidiol oil contain.

Remember To Be Patient And Calm, Even If They Get A Bit Worked Up Initially

While many people are starting to understand the benefits of CBD, there’s still a lot of stigma surrounding it. As a result, many families won’t be open to trying cannabidiol unless you give them all the facts and help dispel myths that they may have heard before. By taking these steps, you may finally get others in your life to see how beneficial this natural compound truly is, even if it’s not for them in the end. If they feel ready to give it a try, you can find all of our premium third-party lab-tested broad-spectrum CBD in our shop here!

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