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May 26


What Is CBG? A Review Of The Potential Benefits

By Harrison Payton

May 26, 2021

Have You Heard Of CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a lesser-known cannabinoid in the world of cannabis science. CBG has been studied extensively for its potential health benefits, but it’s often overlooked as a therapeutic compound due to its low concentration. In this article, we will discuss CBG and outline what makes CBG different from other cannabinoids. We’ll also explore some of the effects that CBG may have on your body.

What Exactly Is CBG?

CBG is part of the cannabinoid group, including cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN). CBG is found in very low concentrations in high-grade medical cannabis that has not been exposed to excessive heat or light during its growth cycle. Therefore, it can be described as a precursor to THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. Sometimes referred to as the mother of all cannabinoids, this acidic CBG is usually broken down quickly during the hemp or cannabis grow cycle and converted with enzymes into the cannabinoids mentioned above.

An close-up image of a hemp leaf.
CBG is often called the mother of all cannabinoids and boasts potentially therapeutic qualities.

While CBG naturally occurs in only relatively minuscule levels in the cannabis plant, researchers have been working to change that. Cannabis growth experts are currently experimenting with cross breeding and even modifying plant growth to create cannabis strains that produce or yield higher amounts of cannabigerol. As research continues, we predict to see an increase in the number of growers developing CBG-heavier strains of hemp. So why exactly are people looking to consume CBG? Let’s talk about a few of the most prominent potential benefits below.

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The Potential Benefits Of Using CBG

CBG is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid, meaning that it doesn’t produce the high or impaired feeling associated with THC. For many people, not feeling impaired is essential to them experiencing a better sense of natural wellness. Similar to CBD, being able to work or study with reduced pain but without feeling foggy or out of it is also a huge draw for many others.

Some medical research has shown CBG’s ability to reduce inflammation and pain in rodents without any psychoactive effects. For example, one study found that CBG was able to reduce inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease. CBG also demonstrated some evidence of boosting appetite.

CBG shows strong promise in the treatment of glaucoma and the reduction of intraocular pressure. It also has neuroprotective qualities, meaning it may help better preserve the health of your nerves.

CBG is also a natural antibiotic, and research has shown it to be effective against MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). In addition, CBG’s ability to ward off bacteria might make it an alternative option as a topical solution for mild skin infections.

Some people are looking at CBG in combination with other cannabinoids like CBD because they believe that the potential benefits will be better if consumed together rather than separately. The hope is that this could result in reducing some of the side effects associated with taking THC-based medications only. This is particularly true when those types of medicines are used with seniors who may experience impairment-related complications following use.

Danu Supports Your Natural Wellness

While we may not currently offer CBD products containing CBG, we’re excited by the prospect of this often-overlooked, yet possibly beneficial cannabinoid. At Danu, our mission goes beyond providing extraordinarily pure and potent CBD. We’re here to support your natural path to wellness through educational resources and blogs on various topics, including integrated health, plant-based medicine, herbalism, naturopathy, and beyond. We invite you to read all of our educational blogs and view our broad-spectrum CBD offerings here!

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