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November 20


What Is The Entourage Effect?

By Harrison Payton

November 20, 2020

What Do We Mean When We Say Entourage Effect?

When we think of the word entourage, we typically think of a crew of staff following a star or musician. Perhaps you may think of a gang of friends. This is not far from the truth in regards to CBD

When we talk about CBD and the entourage effect, we’re referring to how all the other beneficial terpenes can actually help and support the overall positive health effect of cannabidiol, or CBD. Just as a musician often has an entourage that supports them throughout their day, so does broad-spectrum CBD.

As we discussed in our previous blog about other hemp terpenes, broad-spectrum CBD includes many other cannabinoids that can potentially be beneficial to the human body. Only when working all together though, can CBD reach the peak of its effectiveness. It just goes to show how important teamwork is, even in the world of CBD.

Types of CBD Products

CBD Isolate

Some people are specifically looking for relief from CBD only and want to get it in its purest form. This is known as CBD Isolate. The cannabidiol has been completely isolated from the other cannabinoids that it’s “born” with. For individuals who may have issues with some of the other terpenes, this may be the option they prefer, as they will only be getting CBD.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Danu is proud to offer only Broad-Spectrum CBD. This form of CBD contains all the other potentially beneficial terpenes such as CBN, CBG, and CBC. Together, we believe these terpenes support each other to provide you with the entourage effect. Wellness is best when it’s a combined effort.

Danu terpenes

Full Spectrum CBD

Full-Spectrum CBD is very similar to Broad-Spectrum CBD, with one particular key difference. Full-spectrum CBD contains slight amounts of THC. For more in-depth info on Full-Spectrum, check out our blog here. While most people wouldn’t feel the effect since the amount is relatively low, it may be enough to bother some folks. At Danu, we don’t want to take any chance of having the THC bothering or impairing you. This is why we stick to Broad-Spectrum CBD products. 

There is some anecdotal evidence that full-spectrum CBD may provide added benefit to the entourage effect, but we believe the negative potential of THC affecting you during your day outweighs any possible benefit of adding it to our products. 

Potential Benefits Of Consuming Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Rather than “going it alone” with pure CBD Isolate, the entourage effect can be achieved through consuming CBD that is accompanied by its terpene friends like CBN, CBG, and CBC

CBN may provide mild sedative effects. CBG has the potential to reduce appetite loss. CBC has anecdotal evidence of calming nerves and reducing pain. With so many great perks that the entourage effect might bring, it only makes sense giving Broad-Spectrum CBD a try to see how your body reacts to their potential healing properties. 

Does A High Come Along With The Entourage Effect?

As noted in our blog about CBD getting you high, no, our CBD products cannot get you high. We only use Broad-Spectrum CBD in our selection, so you can be sure that you will not feel high at all after consumption. However, we do recommend you take a look at our guide to CBD and drug tests.

Selecting Superior CBD To Take Advantage Of The Entourage Effect

When selecting CBD for whatever reason, whether it be depression, anxiety, pain relief, or focus, we understand how important it is to choose a product that is of the highest quality. We source our Broad-Spectrum CBD from only trustworthy, potent, and reliable sources.

Feel the difference in Danu for yourself by giving any of our products a try. If you need relief for muscle and joint pain, try our potent CBD topicals. If you’d like to experience a potentially more relaxed and focused day, see if our CBD Softgels, Tinctures, or Gummies work for you. If you know it’s one of those days, and you’d like to treat yourself to a completely relaxing and soothing bath, give our brand new CBD Bath Bombs a try. They’re amazing!

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