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December 31


Can CBD Expire? How To Store Cannabidiol Properly

By Harrison Payton

December 31, 2021

Does CBD Have An Expiration Date?

There is a decent amount of confusion about CBD and whether or not it expires. CBD can degrade over time, but there are ways to store CBD properly so that degradation doesn’t happen as quickly. This blog post will discuss the significant factors that would cause CBD to degrade more rapidly and what actions you can take to help prevent it from happening. We will also list some tips on how best to store CBD for maximum quality!

How Cannabidiol Degrades Over Time

Cannabidiol is a reasonably stable molecule, and it doesn’t degrade quickly over time. However, CBD can be degraded by light, heat, oxygen, and moisture. These are the four main factors that will cause CBD to degrade more quickly.

An image of a bedroom cabinet.
A cabinet in a bedroom may be a great place to store your CBD, as it keeps it away from the moisture of kitchens and bathrooms.

Major Factors To Avoid

Light: When CBD is exposed to light, it can start to break down and lose its potency. This happens because CBD is an organic compound that reacts with light. The best way to prevent this from happening is to store CBD in a dark place where there is minimal or no exposure to light.

Heat: Heat can also cause CBD to degrade faster. When CBD is heated up, it starts to break down and loses its potency. The best way for you to protect your CBD from heat is to store CBD in a cool place. You do not need to keep it in a refrigerator.

Oxygen: Oxygen can also cause CBD to degrade faster over time, but it’s not much of a common issue if you store CBD correctly every time. The best way to protect your CBD from oxygen exposure is by simply keeping it tightly sealed and away from moisture.

Moisture: Moisture will break down CBD more quickly than anything else! When CBD comes into contact with water, it starts breaking down slowly until there isn’t any left. Be sure the bottle lid has been resealed securely, and make sure everything stays dry at all times! This will keep it fresh and lasting for its maximum potential.

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Storing Your CBD

A few methods have been proven to be the best ways to store your CBD. With the factors listed above in mind, the best storage option for your CBD product is in a cool, dark, dry area where it won’t easily be disturbed. If you have a cabinet that doesn’t see much sunlight and isn’t exposed to steam or humidity from cooking or household appliances, this is likely the best place to keep your cannabidiol. While CBD does not last forever, with the tips we’ve listed above, you can rest assured you’ll get the potential benefits of your CBD before its expiration date.

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