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May 21


The Lesser Known Benefits Of CBD (Part 2)

By Harrison Payton

May 21, 2021

Have You Heard Of These Potential CBD Benefits?

Welcome to the second of our multiple-part series on CBD and how it may improve your quality of life. In this blog post, we will discuss some lesser-known benefits that are often missed in CBD research. We’ll explore how CBD may help relieve ADHD symptoms, overcome addiction to harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, and promote a healthier heart.

CBD And Overcoming Addiction 

Addiction to opioids, alcohol, and other substances is a common occurrence, but CBD may be able to help. With many forms of substance abuse and addiction, a problem in the brain with dopamine is at fault. Often people experiencing addiction have a reduced ability to create dopamine and feel they need to consume substances to feel functional or happy. Fortunately, CBD, while not having dopamine-producing effects, can help regulate serotonin levels in the body.

Serotonin is what’s known as the “happy” hormone and regulates mood. For that reason, being able to regulate serotonin in the brain, CBD may help those struggling with addiction to pull themselves out of that state and into a happier, healthier state of natural wellness. Some studies show that CBD may have a very real effect on reducing alcohol withdrawals. This shows just how potent CBD might be when it comes to overcoming harmful habits like an addiction. 

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Some research indicates CBD may be able to reduce the feelings of alcohol withdrawal.

CBD For A Healthier Heart

Some data points to CBD supporting a healthier heart. For example, the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties may reduce the risk of heart disease and other heart-related illnesses. Additionally, there are anti-oxidant properties with this plant-based medicine that may further help your heart’s health.

Perhaps one of the most problematic conditions the heart can experience is high blood pressure. In one study conducted, healthy volunteers took a dose of CBD and were subjected to stressful situations. The results showed that those who had taken CBD showed noticeably lower blood pressure than those who took only a placebo.

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The Link Between ADHD And CBD

CBD also may have the potential for some individuals to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. One common occurrence for those with ADHD is that many also grapple with anxiety disorders. This is sometimes due to the pressures of society to fit into a world designed for people who don’t have ADHD. This prolonged stress can lead to anxiety disorders. 

Many people use CBD to relieve anxiety symptoms, and there has been a significant amount of research done showing that it may indeed provide relief for anxiety. Treating ADHD with CBD may help promote more positive social behaviors and, over time, potentially reduce anxiety levels. While much of the research into ADHD and CBD has been anecdotal, many people report feeling less distracted and generally more focused

Superior Quality CBD For Greater Efficacy

At Danu, we genuinely want the people who use our CBD products to start feeling better with natural wellness and plant-based medicine. We believe in natural paths to wellness through cannabidiol. We hope this article has been helpful. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of CBD, we invite you to explore our blog for articles on a variety of topics related to health and wellness. For high-quality broad-spectrum CBD, be sure to check out all of our options here!

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