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March 24


Celebrate Weed Appreciation Day 2023 with Danu

By Harrison Payton

March 24, 2023

Celebrate Weed Appreciation Day 2023 with Danu

How to Observe National Weed Appreciation Day

This National Weed Appreciation Day, rethink your understanding of weeds! Instead of the usual weed whacking and pesky garden trimmings, Danu in Bedford is suggesting you take a new approach by celebrating weeds – by learning more about herbal remedies and cannabis products.

Sure, there may still be budding weeds on your lawn – but why not also recognize the positive aspects of a different kind of weed (cannabis) and what it may bring to our lives?

With plenty of curated selections available to choose from in-store and online, you’re bound to find something that suits your vibe for this unique holiday.

Don’t be afraid to get creative – it’s time to give thanks to nature’s most misunderstood gift; celebrate Weed Appreciation Day with Danu Wellness in Bedford, Texas!

An image of several glasses of dandelion wine next to a bottle outdoors.
Have you ever tried dandelion wine? It’s easy to make at home and contains the beneficial compounds found naturally in dandelions!

Herbalism, Edible Weeds, And Dandelion Wine

National weed appreciation day is observed every year to celebrate all the weeds growing in our gardens and landscapes. We may not realize it, but many plants we think of as weeds are just growing in the wrong place.

Herbalists and those who specialize in plant-based medicine understand the medicinal value of the common weeds and herbs we see growing around us, recognizing their tremendous healing benefits.

Being able to appreciate and learn from these wild-growing plants (that we may have otherwise eradicated) provides us with ongoing opportunities to connect and respect plants growing in our backyard.

For much of recorded history, people have been using the safe, edible part of many weeds, as well as weed seeds. Herbalism and plant-based medicine take us back to our roots, often providing an alternative treatment option to modern medicine, which can carry many potential side effects.

A Few Weeds You Should Know About

Always consult with a trained herbalist to have your weeds correctly identified before consuming them. They may also be able to assist you with preparation tips.


Chicory is a beautiful little plant that features bright blue flowers. The roots of this weed are made into a very popular beverage in some southern states like Louisiana.


This aquatic plant is another edible weed that is often used in salads or can be grown as a pot herb. Soil fertility can have a big impact on how edible it is.


Dandelions are the most well-known weed in the U.S. Some people even collect dandelion flowers and let them ferment to create dandelion wine!

Growing mere ‘weeds’ in your vegetable garden or flower beds has a much greater purpose than most know, beyond making a pleasant view.

Appreciating the plants known to us as weeds, both aesthetically and for their potential health benefits, is taking us back to our roots by recognizing the healing properties many plant-based remedies can contain.

An introduction to National Weed Appreciation Day and why it’s important to celebrate

March 28th has been declared National Weed Appreciation Day! Celebrate the cannabis culture this March by flipping the script and appreciating weed, namely cannabis, in all its forms.

Whether through consumption as a food source, medicinal or industrial use, March 28th is a day that reminds us all of the power of cannabis in our lives.

When celebrated responsibly and thoughtfully, Weed Appreciation Day celebrates the many unique uses of this plant, including how it can improve our lives. Let’s take time out of our busy schedules to appreciate and celebrate this oh-so-wonderful weed on March 28th!

The Potential Benefits of Weed and why you should stop into Danu Wellness to Celebrate

With medical marijuana becoming legalized in many states, one can not deny the potential medical and recreational benefits of weed.

On March 28th, Danu Wellness is celebrating the potential medicinal value, advancements, and possibilities medical marijuana brings! Stop in to learn more about medical applications or to just simply share your knowledge.

This National Weed Appreciation Day, let’s all take a little trip to Danu Wellness and appreciate all that weed and cannabis offer!

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Strain for You

It’s time to celebrate one of the most beneficial plants on the planet – cannabis! With so many strains available today, it can be intimidating trying to find the perfect one for you.

But don’t worry – with a little bit of our staff’s help, you can discover all sorts of fun facts about different cannabis plants that have a variety of beneficial medicinal values. Did you know that, traditionally, hemp and cannabis seeds were used as a food source?

And edibles are becoming increasingly popular if smoking isn’t your cup of tea. So grab your favorite snacks, get comfy, and enjoy the day!

Whether you’re looking for something with relaxing effects or something with an energizing pick-me-up, there is bound to be a strain out there for you to enjoy and appreciate this Weed Appreciation Day.

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Tips on Enjoying Your Weed Appreciation Day Celebration Responsibly

If you plan on celebrating National Weed Appreciation Day this year, take the proper precautions to ensure a safe celebration. Make it your priority to source safe and tested edible cannabis products; a safe experience should top your list of priorities!

Once you’ve got that squared away, it’s time for the fun part. Create an extremely relaxing ambiance with some dimmed lights, and throw on some of your favorite calming music if you’d like.

Don’t forget the food! Have fun creating a cannabis-infused drink or snack to complete the atmosphere – there are so many ideas online! Enjoy National Weed Appreciation Day responsibly and make it one to remember.

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