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November 30


How To Survive The Holidays This Year With CBD

By Harrison Payton

November 30, 2021

Stressed About The Holidays? CBD May Be The Answer

The winter holidays can really be a stressful time for many of us. There’s the stress of preparing to see family, the pressure of figuring out what to get your friends and loved ones as gifts, not to mention all those holiday parties you have been invited to. Of course, it doesn’t help that it is dark most days from 4 or 5 pm. We know how overwhelming this can feel – especially if you are an introvert.

But there is hope – an increasing number of natural wellness experts recommend CBD oil as a way to destress naturally and keep calm during hectic times. Join us below as we share Danu’s top tips for surviving the holidays with CBD in this blog post.

Focus On The Now

One of the most self-calming actions you can take to reduce your anxiety about upcoming holiday activities is to focus on the present. When we worry and fret over what might happen in future events, it often heightens our cortisol levels and makes us more likely to feel overwhelmed by these events when they actually come around.

Instead of thinking too far ahead, make a list of everything that needs doing right now – just this week! Don’t worry about anything further away than next week at this point. This may help keep you grounded in reality today rather than imagining all sorts of possible holiday disasters.

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Don’t be afraid to set boundaries that will benefit your mental health. If you don’t feel like having wine, don’t have wine! Overextending yourself may lead to more stress during the holidays.

Set Boundaries And Remember Them

When you are planning your holiday schedule, it can be tempting to say yes to every invitation that comes along. Boundaries matter. This is because we feel like saying no will make us seem rude or antisocial. Plus, it’s sometimes hard for introverts not to over-extend themselves during these busy times of the year.

Everyone needs to set boundaries with their families and friends before the holidays begin, though. When you have a family who loves organizing gatherings at this time of year, show them your calendar so they know how much time you have available. Your me-time or free time is essential too, so don’t be afraid to say no to events you know will stress you out.

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Step Back For A Minute

If you are having one of those difficult days where everything seems to be getting on top of you, step back for a minute. Do something that will help calm your mind – like taking ten deep breaths or spending some time in nature if it’s available (or at least looking after the plants). Take a moment for yourself and enjoy some calm-promoting CBD. If the family gets to be too much, don’t be afraid to politely let them know you need a few minutes to unwind and catch a breath.

Keep Your Wellness And CBD Routine Consistent

The cold and dry winter months can be tough on your body, especially if you work all day indoors. Ensure a consistent natural wellness routine throughout the holiday season so that you aren’t lacking in nutrients or feeling rundown before big gatherings and events.

CBD oil is perfect for this – it comes with no psychoactive effects and is very relaxing to many individuals. This may help keep anxiety at bay when things get busy around the holidays too.

Stock Up On Your Favorite CBD Products Before The Holidays

If you’re going to be traveling or visiting with many friends and family members during the holiday season, it’s a good idea to stock up on premium quality CBD. It’s safe to travel with CBD in all 50 states, and having it handy may be a life-saver when things get crowded or tense around the holidays. Check out Danu‘s selection of pure and potent third-party lab-tested broad-spectrum CBD products in our online store here!

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