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November 18


Staying Positive In The Cold And Dark Months

By Harrison Payton

November 18, 2020

Let Your Inner Glow Shine Through The Darkness With CBD

Right around the fall and winter holidays, you may start to feel a little glum. Sometimes this can occur for seemingly no particular reason. Other times it may be because we’re feeling increased stress from preparing for the holidays. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that at some point in time all of us have felt a little blue during the colder and darker months of the year. If you haven’t tried CBD for those winter blues, now may be the perfect opportunity to see if it’s a good fit for you. 


Have you heard of SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder affects millions of Americans each year. Common signs and symptoms include feeling depressed much of the day, changes in appetite, low energy, sleep troubles, and difficulty concentrating. 

There are many ways to combat the negative effects of SAD, including starting light therapy and increasing your vitamin D consumption. CBD has shown through some Danu seasonal affective disorderinitial research and anecdotal evidence to help reduce many of the effects of depression and anxiety.  Because many of the symptoms of SAD mirror those of anxiety and depression, it’s worth trying out CBD to potentially feel better during the colder and dark months. 

Exercise And CBD For Recovery

CBD has also been shown to potentially have positive effects on athletic recovery, as well as pain management. One of the best ways to help fight feeling down during the SAD season is to get up, get out, and get moving. Even during the sunnier months, regular exercise is extremely good for your overall health and wellness. It’s all the more important during the winter months. 

CBD Topicals like CBD Sports Cream and CBD Salve are an easy and efficient way to possibly  provide relief and recovery to your fall and winter workout routine. They are loaded with high-quality CBD and other natural ingredients to help you potentially recover more quickly after that yoga or spinning class that you’ve been doing online lately. 

Looking to really treat yourself to a great recovery and relaxation session? Danu is excited to now offer CBD Bath Bombs. Unwinding is as easy as dropping one into a hot both. Who knew taking care of yourself could feel so luxurious? 

Cabin Fever During The Shorter Days

Many of us have been holed up and in our homes at some point since the pandemic began to sweep the nation. The idea of being quarantined has become commonplace for many of us now and we have learned to deal with it in our own ways. 

Late fall and winter present new challenges as the cold and extremely short days will keep us indoors even more than ever before. Keeping calm and reducing those
feelings of anxiousness may help you combat SAD and feelings of cabin fever this winter.

When cabin fever strikes, try keeping yourself balanced with quick, easy, and incredibly delicious CBD Gummies. The delectable flavors combined with the calming CBD make for the perfect way to start or end your winter day.

Danu seasonal affective disorder

Let Danu’s CBD Bring You Winter Wellness

With an increase in rich and junky food, fewer outdoor activities, and more time spent in front of screens, the colder seasons can do a number on our health. Danu focuses on providing you with natural, organic, and old-world-style solutions to today’s busy lifestyle and all the stress that comes with it

Try any of our high-quality CBD products today and see why so many of our customers have fallen in love with our products. See our full selection here and how our CBD may just add some color to your winter blues!

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