An image of a person sleeping under the covers.

October 25


CBD Softgels And Sleep Hygiene Habits

By Harrison Payton

October 25, 2021

Sleep Hygiene Is More Crucial Than You May Think

Have you been having trouble sleeping on occasion? If so, then sleep hygiene may be a significant factor. Every night we sleep, our body and mind go through the process of repairing and restoring themselves to feel refreshed and energized for the next day. However, if we don’t sleep well regularly, this can lead to many long-term health issues that will negatively alter our quality of life as well as productivity. In this blog post, Danu will talk about six ways you can support sleep hygiene for a much better night’s sleep! 

Get Plenty Of Exercise

It seems counterintuitive at first but getting plenty of exercise during the day helps promote healthy REM cycles at night, which encourages deep sleep. We all know how utterly satisfying it feels to sleep in after a hard workout or on the days where you get more physical activity.

An image of a person sleeping under the bed covers.
If you create a routine focused on sleep hygiene, you may be surprised by just how much your sleep might improve!

Get Enough Sleep

One of the most straightforward sleep hygiene tips you can follow is consistently getting the recommended hours of sleep each night. For adults, this means at least seven and a half hours while children require even more sleep in order for their bodies to grow well. Creating a consistent pattern your body will recognize can create a more stable sleep environment.

Take CBD Softgels With Melatonin & CBN

This sleep hygiene tip is one of the best because CBD may really help with sleep. The two active cannabinoids in these softgels, CBN and CBD, work together with melatonin to encourage healthy sleep by reducing anxiety levels for a more relaxed, sleepy mind.

Create A Bedtime Routine

A sleep hygiene tip that may be overlooked is creating a consistent bedtime routine. This can help our bodies acclimate to the sleep schedule and pattern, so it knows when it’s time to relax, wind down, and prepare for sleep. A bedtime routine may include activities like reading, listening to sleep music, or meditating.

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Keep Your Room Cool

Generally, people sleep much better when their room is a little cooler. This sleep hygiene tip can help you sleep well by keeping your body from overheating at night, which may make it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Avoid Using Electronics At Night

It’s a sleep hygiene tip that is often given, but it really can make a huge difference when you follow this advice. Any light from electronics will release blue light, stimulating the brain and body, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

A Better Night’s Sleep Is Part Of Supporting Your Natural Wellness

These are just six ways you can support sleep hygiene in order to get better sleep. Be sure to check out our broad-spectrum CBD Softgels and CBD Softgels With Melatonin & CBN in our shop here! We’re confident that if you take the steps outlined above, your sleep quality will improve. In addition, you’ll be more energetic and healthier overall. Most importantly, you’ll get better rest at night because of improved sleep hygiene, which means a happier you that’s better in tune with their natural wellness.

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