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December 2


Does CBD Reduce The Effects Of Aging?

By Harrison Payton

December 2, 2020

Can This Natural Plant Oil Fight Back Aging?

In this day and age, it seems there is just about a remedy for every skin condition. So what is to say that CBD oils, salves, and creams can set themselves apart from many Danu aging and CBDof the other lotions out there claiming to have anti-aging benefits?

The key is in CBD’s, or cannabidiol’s, natural anti-inflammatory properties. A variety of different external factors can irritate the skin, thus causing more noticeable aging over time. Some of these irritating factors can include long-term acne issues, frequent sunburn, sun overexposure, and even eczema and other skin-related illnesses. 

CBD can help tackle many of these conditions and illnesses by potentially reducing inflammation when taken either orally or applied directly to the skin. Let’s take a look below at how CBD interacts with your skin.

How CBD Affects Skin

CBD affects our skin by interacting with our endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for ensuring your body’s systems are in balance and are running in a stable state. This includes tissues like your skin. One of the greatest ways your body can help maintain a state of good balance in your skin is by reducing its inflammation.

CBD is absorbed by the skin transdermally and can provide hours of relief for irritated skin. For in-depth information on CBD and the skin, be sure to check out our blog all about it. Irritated skin from sun exposure, environmental pollutants, even stress can cause your skin to age prematurely. Even the harsh winter can wreak havoc on your skin. With the inflammation reduction that CBD can provide, many of these irritations can be reduced. 

Developing Good Anti-Aging Habits

In addition to regular high-quality CBD usage, there are some steps you’ll need to take to support your skin. Taking these steps can also possibly boost your CBD’s results. 

You’ll want to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Not getting enough rest has been shown that it can prematurely age your skin. Chronic lack of sleep can even lead to loose and saggy skin and dark bags under your eyes. 

Alcohol can also greatly cause your skin to sag with extended consumption. It causes your skin to become dehydrated and eventually lose its natural form. Caffeine consumption may also play a role in having your skin look older than it really is. Diet is also a huge contributing factor to prematurely aged skin. Specifically, diets that are loaded with refined carbs and high sugar can be particularly damaging. 

Stress also plays a large role in your skin’s aging process.  Living with an abnormal amount of stress can cause your body to respond by becoming inflamed. Inflammation and lack of sleep caused by stress or anxiety can further accelerate your skin’s aging. Make sure you are taking steps to reduce stress and get enough sleep

Danu cbd and seniors

Danu The Goddess Loves And Uses CBD

Our namesake Danu, the Celtic goddess of water and healing, loves the potential anti-aging effects of CBD. She doesn’t keep it a secret that CBD and the hemp plant have helped her keep a flawless appearance for hundreds of years! Why not follow the ways of the goddess and try out any of our CBD Topicals like CBD Salves, CBD Sports Cream, or even our CBD Bath Bombs? We are also proud to offer delicious CBD Tinctures, CBD Gummies, and more!

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