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June 24


Sound Baths: The Benefits To Your Natural Wellness

By Harrison Payton

June 24, 2021

Natural Wellness Through Sound Baths

Sound baths are a type of meditation or therapy that uses music and sound to create an ambient environment. Sound baths have been shown to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and enhance mood. The best part is that you can experience these benefits at home! This blog will go over the various ways you can use sound as a tool for your own mental health and natural wellness.

How Do Sound Baths Work?

To experience the benefits of sound baths, you need a few things. You’ll need to find a comfortable place that has good acoustics with minimal outside noise disruptions. Natural lighting will also help increase your mood and reduce feelings of stress. To hear a sample of a sound bath click here.

You can either use sounds (like from signing bowls) or music without lyrics for the duration of your session ̶ this choice really depends on what makes you feel more relaxed. If using music, choose something like ambient new age music, which is soothing but not too repetitive or heavy in rhythm, as these are actually known to cause anxiety over time due to how they affect our brain waves. For a different healing sound practice, try meditating by focusing only on breathing while concentrating solely on one word such as “peace.” 

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What Happens During A Sound Bath Experience

When you first experience a sound bath, you may be wondering what will happen. At first, you may be surprised by the deep resonating tones of the bowls. As the tones of the bowls fill your body, it feels like they’re reaching deep into your guts. Your breathing will naturally deepen, and that might be something you find very pleasant after a stressful day.

An Image Of A Sound Bath Studio With Singing Bowls On The Floor.
Sound bath studios are gaining in popularity. Check to see if there is a sound bath offered near you!

The vibrations from the bowl have been known to induce a state of relaxation in most people as well as balance their moods. The sounds created during these sessions may also help relieve physical ailments such as chronic pain. If there is an ailment for which you need healing while taking part in sound baths, talk to your sound practitioner before making any decisions regarding what sounds or tones may work best for you.

Natural Wellness And Mental Health Benefits

While the research on sound baths and healing from sound is still in its relatively early stages, there has been a growing body of anecdotal evidence from people who swear by them. Improving your natural wellness through bettering your mental health with sound baths is one of the keys draws to this form of holistic healing. Some potential benefits may include reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Some people even report that they are able to sleep better after a session of sound baths without the use of medication! The vibrations from the bowl have been known to induce a state of relaxation in most people as well as balance their moods.

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