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April 9


4 Common Sources Of Anxiety

By Harrison Payton

April 9, 2021

What Do We Mean By Sources?

Anxiety is a complex category within the realm of mental health. There are numerous kinds of anxiety, and while you may hear it spoken often, there is no singular form of anxiety. Some of the more well-known forms of anxiety include PTSD and social anxiety disorder. It’s estimated that around 40 million people living in the United States have a form of anxiety.

There are some base causes of anxiety disorders. Some have to deal with the environment and others have to deal with genetics. There are, however, events, emotions, situations, and even substances that can trigger your anxiety. Triggering anxiety simply means that process of a change happening, and then one’s anxiety symptoms starting or becoming worse in turn. Below, we’ll discuss some of the more common triggers that can kick off or exacerbate stress and anxiety.

Alcohol And Other Substances

This is perhaps one of the more confusing sources of anxiety. In our society, alcohol and drugs are often viewed as escapes from anxiety. Temporarily, this is true. Because they often do provide some fleeting relief, it’s estimated that people with anxiety are 2-3 times more likely than the general population to develop a substance abuse disorder. Sadly, using alcohol and drugs often exacerbate anxiety symptoms over time. In fact, some studies show that individuals with social anxiety are prone to even more severe anxiety issues if they regularly consume alcohol. This can become a vicious cycle of anxiety and temporary relief. 

Alcohol and drugs can potentially worsen anxiety symptoms.
Alcohol and drugs can potentially worsen anxiety symptoms.


It’s no surprise that conflict is one of the top triggers for producing anxiety symptoms. Any sort of negative social interaction can potentially be a trigger for someone who grapples with anxiety. Common events in life like problems in a relationship, fights with friends or family, or even disagreements among coworkers can serve as catalysts for anxiety. For those that experience intense anxiety because of conflict, it may be beneficial to speak with a counselor or other professional who specializes in mental health. They can assist you with how to better react, respond, and process issues with conflict.

Public Social Events

It’s probably fair to say that the majority of us aren’t huge fans of speaking in public. Public speaking doesn’t necessarily only mean giving speeches in front of large numbers of people though. It can also refer to speaking with your superior at work or even facing off against others in a competition. Getting support from friends, coworkers, and therapists can help ease some of the symptoms of anxiety-related to public social events.

Individual Triggers

This is a common form of anxiety, but quite hard to narrow down as each individual’s personal life experiences differ. A health professional who specializes in mental health issues may be able to help you better identify your personal triggers. Some personal triggers can be extremely specific, such as watching a certain movie, a certain taste of food, or remembering a hurtful past event. These triggers cause your brain to relieve something traumatic from your past. In some cases like with panic attacks or PTSD, the person experiencing the attack may actually feel like they are back at the moment in time the trauma occurred. With PTSD, environmental triggers are common.

Potentially Lower Your Anxiety With CBD

While CBD may not instantly fix feelings of anxiety, there is a strong body of evidence supporting that it may help calm and balance moods and emotions. We recommend trying a relatively fast-absorbing form of CBD known as a CBD oil tincture. When placed under the tongue, drops of CBD oil are much more quickly absorbed than if simply swallowed. These may provide quick relief for those who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety.

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