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September 15


Fall Skin Support With CBD Topicals

By Harrison Payton

September 15, 2021

Skin Support This Fall With CBD Topicals

Fall is the time of year when we experience more dry skin due to less humidity in the air. CBD may help fight that. CBD has many benefits, including supporting healthy skin. This fall, you can use several different CBD Topicals to support your skin, like CBD Salve, CBD Cream, and CBD Bath Bombs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how all three products may work for your skin and what they have in common (CBD) – so continue reading for an in-depth discussion on how to care for your skin during the fall months with CBD!

A woman with good skin smiles after using CBD topicals.
CBD topicals may help soothe irritated or dry skin during the fall.

CBD Salve With Lavender And Eucalyptus

It’s common knowledge that our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, yet we often neglect it when it comes to making healthy choices. CBD Salve can help care for your skin this fall with its CBD, organic lavender essential oil, and organic eucalyptus essential oil. CBD is known to have calming and soothing properties that work towards supporting healthy skin cells. This is especially true when you gently massage the CBD into your skin with the salve’s organic beeswax.

Both lavender and eucalyptus are great for the skin as well! Lavender supports cell regeneration which helps keep you younger-looking longer while also helping fight acne due to its antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus has detoxifying benefits along with anti-inflammatory effects – making it a perfect choice when fighting dryness or inflammation (which is common during colder months).

CBD Cream

During the fall months, it’s pretty easy for your skin to start drying out as some of the summer humidity evaporates. In some cases, this can cause our skin to try and compensate for the loss of moisture. Often this results in an overcompensation where your skin produces too much oil. CBD may have the ability to help regulate sebum in our skin, which is responsible for oil production. Our premium CBD Cream is completely THC-free (0.0%) and supports healthy skin with high-quality ingredients like organic olive oil, organic glycerin, and organic aloe leaf juice. This makes CBD Cream the perfect choice when looking to moisturize your face or hands during these increasingly colder months.

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CBD Bath Bombs

As fall begins, our minds and bodies are still in a summer mood or state for many of us. That can make us particularly vulnerable to the shock of a frigid fall morning or evening. Perhaps the best way to treat your skin after a harsh fall day is by pampering it with a CBD Bath Bomb. This act of self-care isn’t just good for your soul and mental health, but bathing allows for your skin to open up as it warms in the soothing water. This lets the 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD contained within enter your skin and provide its deeply calming properties. Treat your emotional health and skin to something special with a Danu CBD Bath Bomb.

Danu CBD Topicals Support Your Skin This Fall

Fall is a great time to give your skin some TLC with CBD topicals! If you have dry or sensitive skin, then we recommend our lavender and eucalyptus CBD salve. When your face and hands are feeling overly dry, consider our CBD Cream. For those who need more relief from pain, try out one of our luxurious CBD bath bombs. We would be happy to walk you through all of the benefits of each product, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want any help deciding which is best for your needs. Shop our full selection of topical products in-store now!

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