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May 17


CBD Dog Chews: 4 Benefits

By Harrison Payton

May 17, 2021

Your Dog May Benefit From CBD Dog Chews

When you have a dog, it can be challenging to find the right balance of medication and a healthy lifestyle for them. The wrong balance could lead to things like obesity or diabetes, but too much medication could result in side effects that are not good for the dog either. CBD Dog Chews are a great alternative because they provide pain relief without harsh chemicals and an extremely low risk of adverse side effects.

This blog post will discuss these chews and their benefits for dogs with joint pain, anxiety, and other conditions.

CBD Dog Chews May Be A Great Alternative To Medication

We all know how important it is to help our dogs with their pain, but you do not want them on medication for the rest of their life. CBD Dog Chews are a great alternative because they provide relief without harsh chemicals and side effects.

CBD has been shown that it may have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain and inflammation in your dog’s joints. It may even reduce seizures in epileptic dogs. This means less stiffness, less soreness when moving around or getting up from laying down, and more mobility overall. More mobility means a happier dog who can get out there and play with you more while enjoying life.

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CBD may help your dog with anxiety, joint pain, and seizures.

CBD Dog Chews May Help With Anxiety, Pain, And More

CBD Dog Chews are a great alternative to medication, but they also provide benefits for anxiety. If your dog is constantly on edge and nervous about every little thing, CBD can have an impact on the neurotransmitters in their brain that may cause or contribute to stress-related behaviors.

If you’re on the fence about whether these chews can help with pain relief, anxiety reduction, and more, then here’s one more reason: CBD is natural and a form of plant-based medicine. That means low risk for unpleasant side effects like vomiting or drowsiness from traditional medications. It tastes good too, which makes giving them treats even better because they know what’s happening. There will be less hiding under the furniture when administering doses of medicine.

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The Ingredients Are Designed For Dogs 

We were sure to use ingredients that were not only delicious for your canine friends but also safer. Some of the premium ingredients we’ve used to make these treats particularly appealing are things like beef liver, natural bacon flavor, a touch of salt, and even sweet potato powder. In addition, we use water-soluble CBD powder for better absorption within your pet’s body. The broad-spectrum CBD we use includes helpful terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids that encourage the entourage effect within the body.

There Is No THC Or Other Substances That May Be Harmful To Your Pet

Like our broad-spectrum CBD products made for humans, we have our pet CBD rigorously tested by a third-party laboratory. They test for heavy metals, lead, arsenic, residual solvents, THC, pesticides, and much more. We’re particularly careful about not having any THC in our dog chews (as well as our other products) because THC can have quite adverse effects on dogs. Purity and potency are also tested to ensure your dog is getting high-quality CBD that may make a real difference in their lives.

You Love Dogs And Danu Does Too

Danu is a team of dog lovers, so we know that your dog is an important member of the family. We want to help make sure they live long and healthy lives with CBD as part of their natural wellness lifestyle. Be sure to check out our CBD Dog Chews, as well as our Organic CBD Pet Tinctures for Dogs & Cats. We know your pets will love them!

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