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December 9


Relationships And Uncertain Times

By Harrison Payton

December 9, 2020

How The Pandemic Has Changed Our Romantic Relationships

No matter which walk of life we come from, one thing is for certain. The pandemic has drastically changed our lives in some way, shape, or form. It has made us closer to some friends, distanced us from others, and in many cases made us realize the value and importance of having loved ones nearby. 

Relationships are no different in terms of how much they’ve been affected by safety, distances, and lockdown restrictions. Even after the pandemic is over, there may be lasting changes in the way people date, and how couples interact with one another. We’ll go over some of the primary issues people in relationships may be experiencing and how to help you succeed with each other. 

Acknowledging There May Be Issues

One of the most important things you can do as a couple is to recognize that things in the world are vastly different right now than they were just a year ago. As much as we’d all wish that our relationships wouldn’t be affected by the current situation, chances are that there are some aspects of this new life that have been a negative force for you and your partner. 

You’re Fighting More Than Usual

If you’ve been a bit more irritable than normal lately, that’s completely normal with everyone being cooped up at home. Small stressors become more noticeable and less forgivable when your partner is around you much more often. You may even have differing opinions about how safe you should be when leaving the home. 

You Need More “Me Time”

If you live with your partner, you’ve almost certainly been seeing a lot more of them lately with many couples working from home. With so much more time spent together, you may feel like you need back the “me time” you had when you both were busier outside the home with your own events and engagements. 

Special “Us Time” Has Been Severely Lacking

Although some relationships have gotten closer because of spending more time together at home, others may be growing further apart due to distance or other lockdown related complications. This may have left you less quality time for each other. 

Existing Issues May Be Amplified

If you’ve been stressed out because of changes to your everyday life, existing problems and arguments in your relationship may have gotten worse. This is completely understandable and important to recognize, as the pandemic will not last forever. Trying to recognize when issues are getting blown out of proportion can really help to cool things down. 

You’re Rushing Things

If you’ve been madly in love with your partner and spending a lot of time with them during the pandemic, both of you may have forgotten how fast you have moved. What were 3 months may have felt like 6 months. If you are thinking about taking the next steps with your partner, make sure you’ve talked it through very thoroughly since situations may change once the pandemic recedes. 

If It’s Meant To Be, Here’s How To Succeed

Try New Things Together

Some couples have found that constantly trying new activities together helps keep things fresh. You may also find that these new activities challenge and grow your relationship. By doing completely new things together, you may just find out things you never knew about one another. 

Make New Traditions

If you’re a couple that enjoys traditions, you may find even more joy together by making some unique traditions together. Do you enjoy hiking or camping? Why not make it a new rule to go hiking once a week together somewhere new? Perhaps baking is more of your hobby. How about trying a new recipe together every Sunday morning?

Listen Thoroughly To Your Partner 

We’ve all been stressed out at very points during these uncertain times, so it’s easy to talk about our own issues. We may be missing out on important thoughts and feelings our partners have to express if we are focused solely on expressing ourselves. Listening more than you speak is an excellent way to get closer in touch with your relationship with your partner.

Compassion And Empathy Is Key

At the end of the day, economic impacts, lockdown restrictions, and health concerns have been a difficult challenge not only for us on a personal level, but our relationships as well. These times are uncertain, but they are not forever. Let’s all remember to have a little more compassion and empathy than usual. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary kindness. No matter where you are in your relationship, actively noticing negative feelings and thinking about how best to respond to them calmly will help you get through this.

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