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December 18


How We Think FDA Approval Will Affect CBD

By Harrison Payton

December 18, 2020

Where Approval Stands Now

Since CBD, or cannabidiol, started becoming an increasingly alternative method of potentially helping millions of Americans feel better, there has been speculation as to whether the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would take action one way or the other.

With how fast the CBD industry has grown, there have been some kinks along the way. Namely, illegitimate CBD companies with poor quality ingredients entering the market. As of right now, CBD has yet to be approved by the FDA. While it is now legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, the FDA is still drafting proper guidelines regarding the substance.

The FDA does intervene in certain cases where CBD marketing and advertisements have made misleading claims and outright promised CBD to cure or heal certain conditions, which is not presently allowed. 

Danu FDA and CBD


Why It Needs To Be Approved

With so much confusion surrounding CBD’s benefits, quality, and oversight, Danu believes it is absolutely necessary that the FDA formally approve CBD. There have been recent updates to guidance from the FDA, however it is still not fully approved for a variety of treatments. 

For the public’s health and safety, CBD needs the government’s oversight. There have been too many low-quality, impure products in the marketplace. These CBD products can pose a risk to consumers’ health. 

If Approved, It Will Benefit The Industry

If the FDA finally approves CBD products for the treatment of illnesses or conditions, this will be a major step in the direction of consumer safety. We anticipate there would be fully fleshed-out guidelines on the productions and sale of CBD, as well as what can and can’t be said about it. Additionally, the vast majority of illegitimate CBD companies would likely have to go out of business because they would not be willing to follow the new laws and regulations. When it comes to CBD, safety and quality are key to building consumer trust and actually improving their wellness. 

Organic CBD You Can Trust

At Danu, we believe in healing and wellness the natural way. That’s why our products use USDA certified organic hemp grown in the U.S.A. Each of our products are third-party tested for safety and purity. We try to keep every ingredient in our products natural and whenever possible, vegan. Be sure to view our full selection of CBD products in our store today.

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