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November 10


Unleash Your Inner Candy Chef with the Magical Gummy Maker

By Harrison Payton

November 10, 2023

The Gummy Maker by Magical is Your Personal Gummy Factory at Home

Ever wanted to make your own gummy candies at home but didn’t know where to start?

With Magical’s Gummy Maker, you can now easily make delicious THC or CBD-infused gummies with a consistent flavor and perfect texture every single time! This ingenious kitchen appliance is truly an all-in-one candy factory right in your home.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced chef, this device offers the ultimate hassle-free experience with its simple one-button feature that controls mixing and temperature for you.

No more pots and pans or worrying about the exact measurements of each ingredient – just mix in infused oils, liquid, and gummy mix – set it – relax – dispense into molds, and voilà! You have great-tasting homemade cannabis gummies right away. You can even use it for mushroom supplement gummies or plain gummy candy!

An image of several colorful cannabis leaf-shaped edible gummies.
The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own flavors.

Create Your Own Unique Gummies with Virtually Any Flavor

If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, then you probably love gummy candy! Whether it’s gummy bears or the classic worms, these sweet treats are hard to resist. Did you know that you can make your own unique gummy candies with virtually any flavor?

All you need is a mix of unflavored gelatin or flavored gelatin, and you can start experimenting with different flavors and ingredients. Maybe you want to try creating your own mushroom, CBD, or THC gummies for some extra health benefits. From lime and mango to blue raspberry and beyond, you can make the gummy flavor you’ve always imagined.

Whatever your preferences may be, the possibilities are endless with a gelatin mix. There’s something special about creating your own treats, and it can be a fun and rewarding experience. So, why not give it a try and see what kind of unique candy you can make?

An image of the simple touch controls on the gummy maker by Magical.
Simple controls make this device the king of at-home gummy making.

Hassle-free Homemade Gummy Candies for Beginners and Pros Alike

Have you ever wanted to make your own gummies but just didn’t know where to begin? The Gummy Maker by Magical (formerly Magical Butter) is here to make your dream a reality. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner in the kitchen, this machine makes hassle-free homemade gummies a breeze.

With traditional gummy making, you would need to run through the hassle of preparing a small saucepan, heating your mixture on medium heat, and using cold water and a measuring cup. You would also need to spray your molds with a light coating non-stick cooking spray. Depending on your mixture, you might have even needed a sharp knife to remove your candies from the container.

Just Mix in Your Gummy Mixture of Flavored Gelatin or Unflavored Gelatin

With this new gummy maker, all you have to do is choose your favorite flavor of gelatin mixture or unflavored gelatin (mixed with your own flavoring), then pour it into your favorite gummy molds. The end result is a flavored jello-like gummy candy. It’s a fun project to do alone or with your significant other, and it’s mess-free, too.

With endless possibilities for flavor combinations, this gummy maker is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Try out your own recipe today!

An image of a woman holding a handful of gummy candies.
The more you use your gummy maker, the more economical it becomes compared to buying gummies at the store!

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Gummies and Less Time Making Them

As a gummy lover, you know that the best part of eating these chewy treats is savoring your favorite flavors. However, the process of making gummies can be time-consuming, messy, and sometimes even frustrating.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Gummy Maker. With this innovative device, you can spend less time making gummies and more time enjoying them.

The Gummy Maker allows you to experiment with new ideas and make your own delicious mixtures using a variety of flavorings.

Plus, the mess-free design makes cleanup a breeze. So go ahead and indulge in your love for gummies without worrying about the hassle of making them. The Gummy Maker has got you covered.

An image of the blue liquid-filled gummy maker by Magical.
Making high-quality, consistent gummy candies is as easy as 1-2-3!

The Three Simple Steps to Using the Gummy Maker

If you’re worried that making your own gummies with the Gummy Maker by Magical might be complicated, fear not. This device has a simple three-step process that anyone can follow to craft perfect gummies every time.

Step 1: Mix In Your Infused Oils or Mushroom Powders, Liquid, And Gummy Mix

First, gather your ingredients – infused oils (THC or CBD), liquid (water or juice), and gummy mix. Mix them together in the designated compartments of the Gummy Maker.

Step 2: Set It, Kick Back, and Relax

After your ingredients are mixed, press the button on the Gummy Maker to start the process. The machine will take care of mixing and heating everything for you so you can sit back and relax.

Step 3: Dispense Your Homemade Gummies Into Your Favorite Mold

Once the gummy mix is ready, use the included dropper to dispense it into your favorite molds. Then, let them cool and set before enjoying your homemade gummies! If you intend to store them, simply place them in an airtight container in a cool place.

Making gummies at home has never been easier with the Gummy Maker. So go ahead and unleash your inner candy chef.

An image of a woman eating red, heart-shaped gummies out of a white bowl.
If you consume infused gummy candies frequently, you can save a lot of money by making your own at home.

Why Make Your Own CBD, THC, or Mushroom Gummy Candy?

Besides being a fun and rewarding experience, there are many other reasons to make your own candies at home. Firstly, you have full control over what goes into your gummies. You can choose the type and quality of ingredients that align with your dietary preferences and health goals.

Plus, it’s a more cost-effective option in the long run compared to constantly buying store-bought gummies. You can also experiment with different flavors and ingredients, making your gummies unique and tailored to your taste buds.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of CBD, THC, or medicinal and functional mushrooms such as lion’s mane or reishi, making your own infused gummies is a convenient and discreet way to consume these beneficial substances.

So why not try it and see the magic of the Gummy Maker? Your taste buds and wallet will thank you in short order!

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