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January 11


The Rise In Popularity Of CBD Drinks

By Harrison Payton

January 11, 2022

What Are CBD Drinks?

CBD drinks and CBD-infused drink mixes are becoming a popular way to consume CBD. CBD is now gaining more popularity as people realize the benefits of this naturally occurring cannabinoid and how easy it is to use in their everyday lives. Broad-spectrum CBD drinks and CBD drink mixes are becoming an attractive option because they’re convenient, tasty, and don’t contain any THC, which means you won’t get high from drinking them. This blog post will discuss why these products have become so popular this year and what differentiates them from other forms of CBD consumption.

Why Are CBD Drinks Gaining Popularity This Year?

CBD used in food and drinks is one of the easiest ways to take CBD, as you can consume everyday foods you like with the cannabidiol included right in the recipe. This year, culinary uses, especially drinks, are one of the most popular CBD consumption methods. CBD drinks are becoming more mainstream as both consumers and manufacturers realize their benefits. Broad-spectrum CBD drink mixes have become an attractive choice because they’re convenient, tasty, and don’t contain any THC, which means you won’t get high from drinking them.

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CBD drinks are the latest way to get in your daily dose of cannabidiol. The CBD drink market is expected to continue to grow this year.

What’s The Difference Between CBD Drinks And CBD Drink Mixes?

CBD drinks are premade beverages that contain CBD oil or CBD extract. On the other hand, CBD drink mixes are blends of CBD oil and other ingredients like juice or tea, which you can use to make your own CBD-infused drinks at home. Both options have their own advantages, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a quick and easy way to get your CBD daily dose, then a premade CBD drink is probably right for you. However, if you want more control over the final product and want to customize your drink with different flavors and ingredients, then a CBD drink mix or crafting your own are better choices.

What Kind Of CBD Drinks Are Possible?

Perhaps you’re a coffee person. Or maybe you’re more of a cocktail person. Either way, there’s a CBD drink recipe that suits your individual tastes. CBD coffee is always a delicious choice, so we encourage you to try your favorite roast with CBD oil to enjoy a cup of CBD-infused Joe. In the mood for a healthy drink? You may want to try out a CBD matcha mocha latte. If you’re looking for a flavorful drink with a bit more of a kick, try mixing CBD oil with your favorite adult beverage (or mocktail) mix for a CBD cocktail. There are endless possibilities for making CBD drinks, so get creative and don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

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How Can I Make CBD Drinks?

You can make CBD drinks with your existing CBD oil tinctures. Simply add a dropper-full of CBD oil tincture to any drink and mix it up! You can also use CBD powder which you sprinkle into your favorite beverage. The choice is yours as there are many ways to incorporate CBD into an everyday routine. Suppose you’re looking for potentially more calm, focus, relaxation, better sleep, relief from pain, anxiety reduction, or lower stress levels. In that case, we recommend not only giving CBD drinks a try but CBD products in general! Take a look at Danu‘s CBD recipes here and visit our online shop for premium broad-spectrum CBD oil tinctures.

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