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November 23


Drink Recipe: Salted Caramel CBD Hot Chocolate

By Harrison Payton

November 23, 2020

The Perfect CBD Drink For The Colder Months

Around this time of year the air is frigid and many of us crave something that will not only heat up our bodies, but also heat up our soul! We have the perfect drink for doing just so.

These elegant and decadent Salted Caramel CBD Hot Chocolate drinks are sure to leave you feeling both well inside and out with the comforting taste and warmth, while helping you potentially bring better balance to yourself with it’s added CBD.

Craving Something Special Lately? This Is It.

If you’re a big fan of those fancy coffee or hot chocolate drinks that you get when you’re out shopping, we totally understand you. We love a nice sweet hot drink when Danu hot chocolate recipewe’re out (or in this year) holiday shopping. Whether making this drink for just yourself or your entire crew of friends or family, it’s all but guaranteed to be a smash hit. 

This drink combines everything good you could want from this time of year. Creamy texture, chocolate, perfectly salted caramel taste, and drizzled caramel all make this the go-to beverage for de-stressing and adding a bit of luxury to your daily life.

Ingredients And Which CBD To Use

We recommend adding your CBD oil midway through the process to ensure it is mixed up properly before serving. If added right at the end, there is a tendency for the oil to remain primarily on top of the drink, as the oil floats easily if not mixed very well. 

The CBD Oil

We recommend using our Fresh Orange CBD Oil Tincture to infuse this drink. The fresh orange flavor compliments the sweetness and flavor of the salted caramel. We also offer Mellow Mint CBD Oil Tinctures, if you’re more of a mint person! These oils are both high quality and are easily mixed into this drink or another hot or cold drink of your choosing.

The Ingredients

Let’s get started with our full list of ingredients below. Nothing is too difficult or hard to find, so you can enjoy this drink without driving yourself crazy looking for the ingredients. 

  • 2.5 Cups Of Milk Chocolate Chips (They’re Sweeter)
  • 3 Cups Of Heavy Cream
  • 3 Cups Of Whole Milk
  • ½ Teaspoon Of Your Favorite Sea Salt
  • ¼ Cup Of Caramel Sauce (Unsalted)
  • Any Other Toppings You Enjoy (Like Whipped Cream)

How To Make It Perfectly

One of the things we enjoy most about this drink is how easy it is to make for being so luxuriously delicious. All you need is a whisk and a crockpot to make this wonderfully Danu salted caramel hot chocolatewarming drink. 

Throw all of the ingredients into your pot and turn the heat to medium-high. This will be enough to melt everything together without burning your drinks or making them so scalding no one can enjoy them when they’re served. With CBD dosing, you’ll want to put roughly 1 dropper full of your Danu CBD Tincture per serving into the mix.

Keep these all in the crockpot for roughly 2 hours until everything is completely melted. You’ll want to stir occasionally to ensure evenness throughout the drink. When the time’s up and you’re ready to enjoy your scrumptious CBD drinks, make sure you whisk the drink well to achieve the right consistency. 

Last But Not Least

Once your drinks are all poured, we highly recommend topping them with whipped cream. Better yet, on top of that whipped cream, drizzle your caramel sauce. If you are feeling adventurous, you can drop a few small chocolate chips on top of the whipped cream to make this hot chocolate even more chocolatey! If you’re looking for snacks that go well with your hot chocolate, why not check out our blog on Cooking With CBD?

CBD Products Perfect For Cooking and Beyond

Danu prides itself on its old-world style approach to our apothecary. This means we source only high-quality CBD oils. Whenever possible, we choose natural ingredients and even vegan products. We believe living well naturally comes from consuming natural solutions focused on your wellness. Check out our full store now!

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