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June 9


Thank Dad This Father’s Day With CBD

By Harrison Payton

June 9, 2021

Could A Father You Know Benefit From CBD?

Fatherhood can be a stressful experience. Raising children is hard work, and the pressure to provide for them on top of that can make life feel like an uphill battle sometimes. CBD is a great way to give your dad something this Father’s Day that will keep on giving and support his overall natural wellness! Every father experiences stress in one form or another, but CBD may help alleviate some of those feelings with its natural wellness properties. We’ll explain below how CBD may provide relief for a father you know.

Help Dad With Sleep Issues This Father’s Day With CBD

If you’ve been around a father at almost any stage in their life, you know how busy they can be. Between work, family, and hobbies, they can be moving almost non-stop from the time they wake up until they go to bed. All that moving, while tiring, can make it hard for the mind to settle down and find some calm. When our minds are too active before bed, it can cause issues with falling asleep and may even lead to insomnia.

CBD and melatonin make the perfect combination for a natural nighttime sleep aid. It may help reduce anxiety before bedtime, while melatonin is an excellent way to get a great night of restful sleep. CBD Softgels or CBD Softgels with Melatonin are a simple and convenient way to support better sleep quality.

Support Chronic Pain, Anxiety, And Inflammation With CBD

CBD is a natural and non-addictive way to support and manage chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and other health conditions. Through numerous studies, cannabidiol (commonly referred to as CBD) has shown that it may help people find relief for various health issues. Some of the more common issues are chronic pain, mood and depression issues, joint and muscle inflammation, and anxiety.

No matter what line of work or hobby a father has, chances are he experiences pain and inflammation from time to time. This may be from either sitting too much at the office, working hard out in the field, or even from tennis or fishing. CBD has the potential to help reduce inflammation and joint pain by influencing your body’s endocannabinoid system.

A picture of a Latino father carrying his son on his shoulders outdoors.
CBD may help reduce inflammation and joint pain, so fathers can stay active with their children.

Anxiety is another common issue dads face. Whether from career stress or the pressures of raising a family, dads worldwide are definitely no stranger to experiencing anxiety. However, CBD may be able to help lower some of these anxious emotions. If you feel anxious, CBD may work through your neuro-receptors to help keep serotonin levels in check. When cortisol is lower, and serotonin levels are better balanced, it’s easier to feel like you can handle the daily stresses of fatherhood.

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CBD Is A Natural Alternative Legal In All States

It can help individuals looking for an alternative treatment option that may offer relief without the side effects of many prescription drugs on the market today. You can take CBD in the form of CBD oil tinctures, CBD gummies, or softgel capsules. You may also apply it to the skin with a wide variety of topical formats.

Dads deserve to feel supported this Father’s Day with a natural alternative that may offer relief without side effects. With the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is sold legally in all 50 states because it does not contain any psychoactive properties and will not get you high. The science behind these supplements shows that they may be effective pain relievers for those suffering from chronic aches and pains and other medical conditions without causing addiction issues often seen in prescription drugs like opioids.

Danu Offers The Perfect Way To Say Thanks To A Father In Your Life

Fathers across the world work hard, and they could use some support here and there to help them live a fuller, happier life. At Danu, we want to support dads this Father’s Day with premium quality, third-party lab-tested CBD. If you’ve looked into CBD and are still trying to decide if it would be a good fit for your dad, we hope this article has helped provide some clarity on how it may better support his lifestyle.

The benefits of CBD can vary depending on the individual person, but many people have reported improvements in chronic pain, inflammation, or anxiety relief with its use. We offer broad-spectrum CBD products that may allow for an improvement in the quality of life for a father you love. Be sure to check all of the Father’s Day CBD bundles we have here in our online store!

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