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April 28


Mother’s Day Is Almost Here! Give Thanks With CBD

By Harrison Payton

April 28, 2021

Mother’s Day Is Just Around The Corner

It’s that time of year again — Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate and thank mothers for all their hard work, love, and dedication they have given to us over the years. This is a day that many people look forward to because it means being able to give back for what our mothers have done for us in some way. If your mom is someone who has had a tough year or struggles with pain from an illness, CBD may just be the perfect gift!

Mother’s Day Is Important In This Year Of The Pandemic

This year, it will be especially important to celebrate our mothers. Why? Well, for starters, this pandemic has been quite difficult for families all around the world, so celebrating those who have helped us through these challenging times becomes that much more imperative. But many moms haven’t had an easy time this past year either — dealing with their children getting sick and not being able to go about life as usual when they’re caring for them at home or even just struggling with pain from chronic illness themselves.

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Many mothers have had to scale back significantly to watch their children or take care of loved ones who have been affected by the pandemic. This is particularly true for single mothers who have the sole responsibility of watching their children and providing for them financially. It’s estimated that 2 million mothers have left the workforce since the start of the pandemic, creating tremendous mental strain. They are experiencing unprecedented stress levels as many have taken on additional roles at home or even different jobs to make ends meet. If it’s one thing mothers need right now, it’s reduced stress and anxiety

CBD May Help Reduce Stress And Anxiousness, Making It A Perfect Mothers Day Gift.
CBD May Help Reduce Stress And Anxiousness, Making It A Perfect Mothers Day Gift.

CBD May Be A Great Gift To Help With The Added Stress

You may be wondering what to give your mom for this Mother’s Day. We’re still not quite totally out of the pandemic just yet, so there may be a few things off the table still like a large breakfast get-together at a local restaurant or tickets for a weekend getaway. But don’t worry — because there are still plenty of gifts you can give your mom on Mother’s Day and CBD is a great option.

Because this last year has been so stressful for mothers, CBD may be a great gift due to its calming qualities. There have been many studies showing that CBD may help to manage stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Danu CBD Gift Boxes Make The Perfect Thank You Present For Her

Danu has always been about creating balance in your life through treating your body and mind right. We do that through our educational blogs and our extremely pure CBD products. So this Mothers Day, why not give a mother you love a gift that can keep on giving for potentially months on end. This year, we’re offering 3 Danu Mother’s Day gift bundles. Each one has a different combination of relaxation-supporting CBD products, so she can help alleviate some stress or physical pain over the next few weeks and months. To see all of Danu’s premium CBD, take a look at our full selection here. We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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