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August 7


How To Have The Best National CBD Day Possible

By Libby Murphy

August 7, 2020

Well, today’s the big day in the world of CBD. It’s National CBD Day!

We aren’t quite sure who decides such things (turns out it was our friends at cbdMD), as it’s also Happiness Happens Day and yesterday was International Beer Day. But hey, if the country wants to give us a little spotlight, then shine on! 

Happy CBD Day to you all!

How do we go about celebrating National CBD Day you ask?

Well, we’ve got some ideas. 

While 88 doesn’t quite have the ring or clout of 420 (yet), we’re going to get there someday. To help us out, you can live today to the fullest. Be present in the now. And optimize your day with some CBD.

Whether you’re a seasoned CBD veteran or a newbie to the wide world of cannabinoids, here’s how you can take your health routines to another level.

***Disclaimer: Of course, you can modify our list to suit your needs, but here’s what your National CBD Day could look like, through the lens of Danu.***

Early Morning: CBD Oil Tincture

Ready to rise and grind in a whole new way?

We’re pretty partial to a morning routine. It sets the tone for the day and gets things started on the right foot. Whatever morning methods you stand by, we’d recommend adding in a few drops of our CBD oil to help you optimize your morning. How?

There is evidence to suggest that CBD may be a wake-promoting agent and has an effect on our sleep-wake cycle. This anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD may help improve focus. Not only that, but further research shows that CBD may be able to soothe an anxious mind

So rather than grabbing your phone, getting lost on social media and the news or opening your email and getting overwhelmed by the daunting list of tasks ahead, stay off of your devices for a bit and try adding some CBD oil into your morning routine to get the day started in a positive direction. 

Post Workout: CBD Sports Cream

We love a good morning workout. It’s much easier than trying to will ourselves into going after the end of a long day. But if you encounter some soreness after a tough workout, you can grab your CBD sports cream to help soothe any aches and pains.

Made with broad spectrum CBD oil, menthol, and camphor, our sports cream was specially formulated with athletes in mind. Wherever you’re feeling a little wonky, rub on some CBD sports cream and enjoy the pleasant aroma and cooling effect. Relief is just a dab of cream away. 

Avoid Afternoon Crash: CBD Gummies

We’ve all been there. The day is running along smoothly, then boom. It hits.

That wall of “no more productivity today!” 

If you’re still looking for a way to break through, we’ve got a potential solution. Our CBD gummies come in Strawberry Lemonade and Green Apple, and have just enough CBD to give your afternoon a little boost. 

It’s not the jolt you’ll get from a cup of coffee, but it won’t give you the crushing defeat later when you inevitably come down off your caffeine high and crash. It also won’t keep you up at night. That’s some of the magic of CBD!

Bonus: Our gummies are vegan and they actually taste great! Consider it a nice little afternoon treat. 

Bedtime: CBD Softgel with Melatonin

Cap off your wildly productive and efficient National CBD Day with a CBD softgel. Those anxious thoughts can creep back in while you sleep and cause a restless night. Armed with water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp extract in microemulsion form. Our high-efficiency CBD softgels are quickly and easily absorbed into your body. Add in a little melatonin, and you’ll ease off to sleep thinking Best National CBD Day ever.

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