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September 1


Discover Blazy Susan Rolling Papers and Accessories at Danu Wellness

By Harrison Payton

September 1, 2023

Level Up Your Rolling Experience With Blazy Susan

  • Everything You Need to Know About Blazy Susan Rolling Kits
  • Get Started Rolling With Blazy Susan Cones, Trays, and Wraps
  • Make Rolling Easier With by Blazy Susan Deluxe Rolling Kit

Are you ready to elevate your rolling game to a whole new level? Look no further than Danu Wellness in Bedford, Texas, where they offer a wide range of Blazy Susan rolling papers, cones, and rolling trays.

Whether you’re a seasoned roller or just starting, you’ll find everything you need to perfect your rolling skills with quality rolling papers. From the sleek and sophisticated Blazy Susan Deluxe Rolling Kit to the convenient Blazy Susan Cone Packer & Holder, Danu Wellness has got you covered for all your needs with rolling papers and more.

And let’s not forget about the Blazy Susan Rose Wraps, the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their rolls. Get ready to roll with style and ease with Blazy Susan papers and more from Danu Wellness.

An image of the Deluxe Rolling Kit.
Deluxe Rolling Kit featuring Papers, Tips, and Tray.

Blazy Susan Deluxe Rolling Kit

If you’re looking for a kit that has everything you need to elevate your smoking experience, look no further than the Unbleached Deluxe Rolling Kit by Blazy Susan. The kit features 32 slow-burning, chlorine-free papers that are ideal for those who value a holistic wellness lifestyle.

This kit is a perfect choice for someone who wants a tray to easily dump any leftovers back into your jar or grinder.

The built-in mini Blazy Susan rolling tray is perfect for keeping your papers, filter tip paper, and smoking accessories organized and within reach. And, the kit comes as a booklet for achieving a perfectly rolled J.

Plus, let’s not forget the adorable packaging that will brighten up any smoking session. Trust us, once you try this kit, you won’t want to go back to anything else.

An image of Blazy Susan Con Packer & Holder on a white background.
Blazy Poker – Poker and Roach Tool

Blazy Susan Cone Packer & Holder

When it comes to smoking accessories, Blazy Susan is a name that every smoker should know.

Their products are known to be top-notch in quality and functionality. And now, with the new Cone Packer & Holder by Blazy Susan, they are taking things to the next level.

This wonderful tool is made of premium silicone and allows you to pack the perfect amount of herb in your J every single time. It’s easy to use, and the fact that it comes in a variety of colorful designs makes it even more exciting.

With this Cone Packer & Holder, Blazy Susan has given smokers access to an optimal solution to their rolling troubles. So, say goodbye to unevenly packed joints and cones, and hello to a more enjoyable smoking experience.

An image of Rose Wraps by Blazy Susan.
Rose Wraps are made with real roses and other natural ingredients.

Blazy Susan Rose Wraps

Looking for the perfect solution for any time you want to spark up a joint?

Look no further than Blazy Susan’s Rose Wraps! These beautiful pink papers are not only pleasing to the eye, they’re also slow-burning, which means you can truly savor the moment.

And, unlike other wraps, Blazy Susan’s don’t require a gum line; instead, just a bit of moisture will do the trick. These wraps are all about quality and elevating your smoking experience to new heights.

So, roll with us and treat yourself to some slow-burn goodness. You won’t regret it!

An image of the Blazy Susan Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit on a white background.
Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit featuring Papers, Tips, and Tray.

Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit 1-1/4″

For smokers seeking exceptional and convenient gear, look no further than the Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit 1-1/4″! These heavenly pink Blazy Susan rolling papers are not your average smoke shop flimsy papers.

In addition to the 32 perfectly-sized pink rolling papers, the pack includes a stack of filter paper and a mini rolling tray. No more worrying about finding a flat surface to roll on, this mini rolling tray ensures an optimal rolling surface and convenience whether you’re at home or on the go, making them an excellent solution for any smoker.

For those embracing holistic wellness, the quality French-sourced papers cater to your plant-based lifestyle.

Whether you’re an experienced smoker or new to the game, Blazy Susan’s Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit has all you need for an optimal smoke session.

An image of Blazy Susan King Size Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones.
King Size Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones

Blazy Susan King Size Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones

Find it hard to roll a joint by yourself? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one!

That’s why Blazy Susan has come up with King Size Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones that provide the perfect solution to your rolling troubles.

The Blazy Susan King Size cones are made with non-GMO, vegan paper sourced wood pulp directly from France, and the pack includes 3 pre-rolled cones. Now, you can enjoy a smoke anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about rolling it yourself.

Blazy Susan ensures that their products are of the highest quality and the King Size pre-rolled cones are no exception. These Blazy Susan King Size cones give you a perfect flow of smoke and herbs without the hassle of rolling. If you’re the type that prefers to roll on your own, the King Size Slim pink rolling papers may be more up your alley.

So, become the king or queen of your smoke session with Blazy Susan rolling papers and other Blazy Susan accessories, like cotton buds. Try their amazing King Size Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones now and give yourself the royal treatment you deserve!

Blazy Susan Products in Bedford, Texas

If you’re on the hunt for Blazy Susan Texas locations, you’re in luck! Danu Wellness, based in Bedford, Texas, proudly stocks these premium Blazy Susan Denver Colorado-made rolling papers, cones, pre-rolls, and rolling trays.

Offering a wide range of Blazy Susan products, we’re ready to meet all your smoking needs with care and convenience.

For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive online store.

Enjoy top-notch quality and elevate your rolling experience with these featured best-selling Blazy Susan products, available right here in Bedford, Texas, or at the click of a button on our web page.

It’s time to get Blazy!

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