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June 5


What Is THCV, And What Are The Benefits?

By Harrison Payton

June 5, 2022

Learn About The Basics Of THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)

What is THCV, and what are the benefits? This is a question that many people are asking, as cannabinoids like THC and CBD are becoming more popular. Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a unique cannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants. It is different from Delta-9 THC, which is the most well-known cannabinoid.

The cannabinoid THCV has a variety of potential benefits, including appetite suppression, neuroprotection, and anti-inflammatory effects. Some individuals may use it to help with weight loss or reduce inflammation. Regardless of whether you are a casual or medical marijuana patient, this cannabinoid is something you should know about! Join us below as we discuss how THCV and THC differ.

What Is Tetrahydrocannabivarin, And Where Does It Come From?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a chemical compound that is found in cannabis plants. It offers different potential benefits than the effects of THC.

THCV is found in both Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis. It is most abundant in Sativa strains from Africa. THCV levels can vary depending on the strain, with some strains containing more THCV than others.

A few strains that are highest in THCV include:

  • Doug’s Varin
  • Power Plant
  • Red Congolese
  • Durban Poison
  • Willie Nelson
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THCV has been noted to have appetite suppressant qualities, making it potentially beneficial for weight loss.

What Makes THCV Unique And Different From Delta-9 THC?

THCV is a unique cannabinoid for several reasons. First, it is one of the few cannabinoids that is an appetite suppressant. This means that it may help with weight loss.

THCV has also been shown to have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. Another unique aspect of THCV is that it has a higher boiling point than THC, meaning you’ll need to prepare it at a higher setting if you choose to vaporize it.

Additionally, this compound influences your endocannabinoid system’s cannabinoid receptors, such as your CB1 receptors. THCV behaves as a CB1 antagonist. This means that it will block this receptor and counteract or moderate the psychoactive effects of THC. However, THCV can produce a brief, stimulating psychoactive effect if taken in a high dose.

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The Potential Benefits Of THCV

While we’re still learning more about the effects of THCV as research continues to come out, there are some very promising potential benefits. Notably, many of the effects are therapeutic in nature.

Promote Bone Growth

THCV is being researched for treating osteoporosis and other bone conditions. Initial studies show it may promote the growth of new bone cells, which would make it an excellent way to support weakened bones.

Reduce Panic Attacks

While THC can worsen anxiety for some individuals, THCV may help curb anxiety symptoms, such as attacks. This is very promising for individuals who have PTSD, as it allows them to reduce anxiety or panic symptoms without numbing their emotions.

Because higher doses of THCV can produce a high, it may be best to moderate usage if a patient is being treated for PTSD.

Diabetes Support

THCV may prove very helpful for people who live with diabetes in dealing with day-to-day symptoms. Research indicates that it may lower insulin resistance and help to regulate blood sugar levels.

Appetite Suppressant

Perhaps one of the most sought-after aspects of THCV is its appetite suppressant quality. Of course, people who are being treated for appetite loss or anorexia should avoid THCV, but for many others, this cannabinoid may prove to be an excellent way to curb your food cravings.

Alzheimer’s Support

Some of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s, like loss of motor control, brain lesions, and tremors, can be debilitating. Although studies are ongoing, initial research points to THCV improving some of these symptoms.

How You Can Use It In Your Everyday Life

You can use THCV products in various ways depending on your needs and goals. For example, some people may use it to help with weight loss, as it can help to suppress appetite. Others may use it to help reduce inflammation or for other therapeutic benefits.

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