An Image of a CBD-infused citrus Sangria

June 4


Summer CBD-infused Citrus Sangria

By Harrison Payton

June 4, 2021

The Perfect CBD-infused Drink Is Here To Kick Off Your Summer

After what was a very long winter for many of us, the sun has started to come out, and temperatures are rising quickly. It’s finally starting to feel like summer again. With restrictions gradually being reduced across the country, many of us are beginning to think about ways we can reconnect and meet with old friends and family we haven’t seen for months or perhaps years. What better way than have a casual early summer outdoor get-together?

An Image of a CBD-infused sangria being held outdoors.
This CBD-infused citrus sangria is the perfect way to relax and kick off the summer.

As we’ve noted in some of our previous blogs on anxiety and social situations, quite a few of us may be feeling rather awkward. In addition to the relaxing effects of CBD on the body, a few light drinks can’t hurt now and then to get the party going. That’s why we’ve concocted a white wine sangria recipe infused with our Lemon Zest CBD. See how to make it below!

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1 and ¾ cups of your favorite brandy

3 bottles of sauvignon blanc

¾ cups of orange liqueur

½ cup natural cane sugar

2 thinly sliced oranges

1 thinly sliced lemon

1 thinly sliced lime

10 droppers full of Lemon Zest CBD Oil Tincture

Mixing Directions

Select a large pitcher or container for combining all the ingredients. Pour the sauvignon blanc, brandy, and orange liqueur in first. Next, you’ll want to add in your sugar and Lemon Zest CBD oil while stirring thoroughly. Finally, add in all of your sliced citruses. Let the mixture sit for 60 to 90 minutes so all the flavors can thoroughly mix and become absorbed by the delicious fruits. When you’re done with the pitcher, you can snack on the remaining lemons, limes, and oranges (if you’re into sour fruits)! Danu hopes you enjoy this flavorful and refreshing summer cocktail!

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