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November 12


Work From Home And CBD. A Perfect Match?

By Harrison Payton

November 12, 2020

By now, the vast majority of us who can work from home have been doing so for quite some time. Chances are many of us are used to it by now. However, that may not necessarily mean many of us are completely happy with all the things that can go along with the work-at-home lifestyle. 

CBD may be able to help alleviate some of these issues. Additionally, some of the features of work-from-home may just enhance your CBD experience. That’s why we think working at home with CBD may just be the perfect match.

Free From Stigma

While the fight against the stigma of CBD has come a long way in recent years, there are still millions of Americans who simply don’t understand what cannabidiol is and how it can potentially benefit so many. Danu CBD stigma

There are fears still that CBD is some kind of alternate form of marijuana, and even that it can get you high. For these reasons, many people feel strange or perhaps judged while using these products in an office setting.

At home, we are all free to use CBD as we please without prying eyes looking over our shoulder. As many CBD users already know, broad-spectrum CBD is not psychoactive. This allows us work-from-home folks to reap the possible benefits of CBD while working, without worrying about performance being affected. 

More Options To Try At Home

If you have ever attempted to use CBD in an office environment before, you know you may be limited to the types of CBD you use to avoid the above-mentioned stigma. Free from that environment, you can expand your CBD usage beyond Softgels or other more discrete formats to CBD options like Gummies, Salves, Sports Creams, and even CBD Tinctures

While being mindful of CBD’s possible effects on a drug test, the Danu Apothecary team encourages you to try a range of CBD product options, so you can find which style works best for you.

A More Relaxed Environment To Notice The Effects

If you’ve ever taken CBD before at work or in a very busy environment, you know that it can sometimes be hard to notice some of the effects. While it has shown some evidence of keeping you calmer and relieving the effects of stress, we can say that being in a more quiet, calm environment is almost always a good thing when it comes to making the most out of your CBD.

While at home, you can increase mental wellness with CBD by taking a few minutes at your desk to practice mindfulness. Try to notice how the CBD is helping your body get back to its natural state of balance. The coworker-free environment combined with a quality CBD can do wonders for the mind and soul. 

Danu CBD at home

A Potential Ally Against Negative Work From Home Stressors

While working from home for many of us is a dream, not everyone enjoys it. Even among diehard work-from-home fans, there are negative aspects that not all of us can ignore. Luckily, a quality CBD may help relieve or eliminate many of these stressors. 

Depression And Anxiety

When you’re at home all day physically disconnected from your friends at work, it can start to get lonely in a hurry. Being cooped up in your home office all day can make even the most positive amongst us a bit gloomy. Luckily, CBD may be able to help those who are suffering from feelings of depression and anxiousness

Back, Neck, And Shoulder Pain

One thing work from home has reduced for many of us is exercise. When we were back at the office, there were more opportunities throughout the day to get up and visit other departments and attend meetings. At home, all of our coworkers and meetings can be connected to right from our computer chair. 

If you’ve been feeling a stiff back, neck, or pair of shoulders, odds are you may not be getting up and stretching enough. For relief from muscle pain, we recommend you try our CBD Salve. If you need quick soothing relief for painful stiff muscles, try out our CBD Sports Cream. The Menthol and Camphor make it a relaxing experience that you’ll notice quickly. For a truly relaxing treat after your work is done, splash into a hot both with our new premium lavender CBD Bath Bombs. They’re a luxurious experience that’ll  help you unwind like no other. 

Energy And Concentration

Without clients and coworkers around you to motivate you and keep you stimulated, it can be easy to lose focus and begin to daydream. For those with ADHD, particularly the hyperactivity type of ADHD, there is some evidence suggesting it may be able to calm the mind down to focus on whatever task needs to be completed.

Those experiencing depression may notice that they have decreased energy and motivation. Since CBD can potentially help ease symptoms of depression, regular CBD consumption may lead to increased energy, and therefore inner drive for your work again. 

Quality CBD To Help You Through Your WFH Days

We understand that while working from home can seem like a dream come true, it’s not without its flaws. Lower energy levels, aches, muscle stiffness, depression, and anxiety can all come along with working your hardest at home. Danu, the Celtic goddess of water and healing, is here to help. 

Let the river of wellness wash over you with CBD products designed to make you feel well both mentally and physically. For aches and pains, our CBD Topicals may help you feel better throughout your workday. If you’ve been in a depressed or anxious mood, why not give our delicious vegan CBD Gummies a try? Regulate your body’s endocannabinoid system easily with our tasty CBD Tinctures or convenient CBD Softgels. For our full selection of broad-spectrum CBD products check out Danu Apothecary’s store here!

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